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Hol’ Up! Man Who Starred In Viral Everest College Commercial Shocks Social Media After 2022 Interview Resurfaces (WATCH)

Roomies, do y’all remember the Everest College guy?

You know the one from the iconic early 2000s commercial that BET aired every hour on the hour, where he yelled at you and told you to essentially stop sitting on the couch and letting life pass you by?

Chile! He’s currently going viral on the innanet for an interview that he did with a YouTuber two years ago.

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Everest College Guy Shares Details Of Iconic Commercial

The “Everest College Guy,” also known as Babatunde Artunde (yes, he has a name), sat down with popular YouTuber and content creator Curtiss King for an interview published in May 2022.

Well, Babatunde Artunde is currently going viral on X (formerly Twitter) after the media site The Art of Dialogue dug up a clip from his exclusive interview with Curtiss.

Throughout his chat with Curtiss, Babatunde Artunde made shocking revelations about his infamous Everest College commercial. The statements and facts even caught Curtiss by surprise.

Babatunde explained the creation process behind the Everest commercial, emphasizing that it was simpler than people might have assumed. For one, he mentioned that they didn’t even shoot the commercial on the Everest campus, and the buildings that appeared behind him were not dormitories.

“I remember we were at a Embassy Suites on Thomas in Phoenix, Arizona. I remember we didn’t even have correct lighting, so I’m in a parking lot. They had a car; they turned the car around and put the headlights on. It might’ve been the brights even,” Babatunde explained.

What really caught social media users by surprise was Curtiss’s question to Babatunde about whether he actually attended college.

“Hell nah! Hey, if I had attended Everest College, I couldn’t have gotten paid for none of their commercials,” Babatunde said.

Social Media Reacts To Everest College Guy

Several social media quickly reacted to Babatunde Artunde’s statements on X, formerly known as Twitter. Many joked that he finessed an entire generation, while others couldn’t help but compliment his looks, noting that he hasn’t aged.

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What Do You Think Roomies?