Hajia4Reall’s Baby Daddy Denies Romance Scam

Hajia4Reall, Luvman Allison


The estranged baby daddy of Ghanaian socialite Hajia4Reall, Luvman Allison, has vehemently refuted allegations linking him to a romance scam involving the celebrity.

The controversy erupted following claims made in court documents submitted by Hajia4Reall’s legal team.

The documents alleged that Luvman had utilised Hajia4Reall’s accounts to receive funds from undisclosed sources, with her lawyer accusing him of engaging in fraudulent activities while on probation after a previous run-in with the US authorities.

According to the court filings, Hajia4Reall, also known as Mona, detailed how Luvman persuaded her to allow funds to be deposited into her accounts and then transfer them on his behalf due to legal restrictions on his own accounts.

She confessed that she continued these actions out of fear for her safety and that of her daughter, despite realising their wrongful nature.

“At a point in our relationship, he would ask me to allow him to receive some funds through my accounts and later ask me to withdraw it for him. Sometimes, he would ask me to transfer it to the business partner in Ghana on a few occasions.

“He told me that he could not use his bank account because he was on probation and had financial limitations placed on him by the courts. I gladly did this, I didn’t doubt the source of these funds because I had come to trust and love him. And I felt that as his partner, it was the least I could do to support his business,” part of the statement read.

Moreover, Hajia4Reall’s sister testified that Luvman had utilised her sister’s accounts for charges related to romance scams. She claimed that Hajia4Reall’s troubles began after she got involved with Luvman in 2015.

However, Luvman in a press statement has vehemently denied these accusations, emphasising that he never coerced or manipulated Mona into any fraudulent activities.

“I have never abused Mona under any circumstances, nor have I forced her into any fraudulent activities. Mona is fully aware of how and who she became involved in such schemes.

“I enrolled her in a fashion school in America to help her improve her life, but she did not follow through. Despite our strained relationship, I continued to make positive changes and support her, even after she faced similar charges in Ghana,” part of his statement read.

He expressed his dismay at being publicly implicated and stressed his commitment to defending his integrity.

“As a dedicated father, it pains me to see her lies put me in a position where I must defend myself publicly,” Luvman stated. “I will not allow my life to be tarnished by her false accusations. This must stop.”


BY Prince Fiifi Yorke