Glen Powell Spills About 'Wild Night' Partying With Tom Cruise


  • Partying with Tom Cruise at the
    premiere was a wild night for Glen Powell and his co-stars.
  • Tom Cruise’s enthusiastic support for Glen and his fellow actors made the premiere even more exciting.
  • Despite a terrifying prank played by Tom, Glen Powell cherishes their friendship and loves him with all his eccentricities.

Few people can say that they get to party with Tom Cruise, but Glen Powell is one of them. The two actors, who are now close friends after working together on Top Gun: Maverick, attended the Twisters premiere together, with Tom offering his support to Glen on this important project, and they had a blast.


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Recently, Glen Powell spilled about what it was like partying with Tom Cruise at the premiere. Alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos, the two friends had a great night, and Glen is forever grateful for his mentor’s support.

Glen Powell On Partying With Tom Cruise At The ‘Twisters’ Premiere

Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos

The London premiere of Twisters was a lot of fun for Glen Powell, and it was partly thanks to Tom Cruise. Glen opened up about spending a “wild night” with Tom and his Twisters co-stars and revealed details of what went on.

“TC [Tom Cruise] showed up. It was a pretty wild night. Tom was next to me, Daisy [Edgar-Jones] is right behind me, Tony [Anthony Ramos] is right in front of me, and for every second of this movie Tom was just so excited for me and for all of us.”

Apparently, Tom Cruise’s presence made things more fun for everybody, as he managed to hype up the audience better than anyone.

“He is turning around to Daisy being like ‘that was great.’ He is such a rare individual who really roots for everybody and really roots for people who want to entertain audiences and this movie really is all about that,” the actor praised Tom.

He was getting the audience riled up, he was laughing louder than everyone, cheering, it was great,” Glen concluded.

Tom Cruise and Glen Powell have been very good friends ever since they worked together on Top Gun: Maverick, but unlike other occasions at the beginning of their friendship, this time Glen knew to expect a wild night when the actor showed up.

Tom Cruise Played A Terrifying Prank On Glen Powell

Tom Cruise in NYC

Now that they know each other well, Glen Powell knows to expect the unexpected when he’s hanging out with Tom Cruise, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the Mission: Impossible actor frightened him a lot when they were still getting to know each other.

Not long ago, Glen recalled a prank that Tom played on him that made him fear for his life. The legendary actor had offered to fly him back to London from a Top Gun: Maverick reshoot at Pinewood in his helicopter, and once they were up in the air, he decided to make him believe the engine was failing.


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“Tom goes ‘oh no, oh no,’ and he starts dropping the helicopter over London,” Glen shared, adding that, during those few seconds, he was sure he was going to die. “I was like, ‘Am I about to be the unnamed guy that dies with Tom in a smoking hole in the middle of London?'”

Tom’s prank only lasted a few moments, but it’s not something Glen will soon forget. Despite this, though, they became good friends, and Glen loves him with all his eccentricities.