Embattled President-General of the Alor People’s Convention, Emma Ojukwu  regains freedom

Emma Ojukwu, the President-General of the Alor People’s Convention, has been released on bail last night by the Nigeria Police Force in Abuja.

It was learnt that Ojukwu was summarily advised to go and make peace with the Igwe and the people of his town.

Upon his return from detention, Ojukwu said, “Be that as it may, in Abuja, I explained each and every allegation in his petition, backed up with documentation to the satisfaction of the police. The allegations against me were clearly false.

” I was released to go home and to return when they need me. The police in Abuja were very courteous to me. They acted professionally; from the DIG, the CP, ACP, the IPO, and others were all good to me and to others who were with me in solidarity.”

Chief Ojukwu’s arrest came after ignoring several invitations by the police, reflecting a pattern of impunity and disregard for law and order.

In a statement signed by the Alor People’s Convention Vice Chairman,  Chuka Uzodike said Ojukwu’s tenure as President-General has been marked by actions that many believe have been detrimental to Alor, with the latest incident being particularly egregious.

“One of the most severe allegations against Ojukwu is his deployment of an unauthorized security outfit, the “Tiger Squad,” purportedly an extension of the Ebubeagu security group.

“Ojukwu’s refusal to recognize and collaborate with Igwe Okonkwo and his colleagues has undermined the unity and governance structure established through the harmonization. This has further deepened the crisis in Alor, leading to a breakdown in communication and cooperation within the community’s leadership.

“The arrest and subsequent release of Emma Ojukwu highlight the ongoing need for accountability and reconciliation within Alor. His actions, particularly through the “Tiger Squad,” have brought distress to the community.

“Additionally, his refusal to work with the traditional ruler and other harmonized leaders has exacerbated the instability in Alor. It is crucial for law enforcement to also investigate Chief Uzoma Igbonwa, who has played a significant role in the ongoing crisis.

“We urge all Alor residents to remain calm and allow the law to take its course. The pursuit of justice and peace should be our collective priority.”