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BTS’ Jin Opens Up About Military Service: From Anger to Adoration

BTS’ eldest member, Jin, recently shared his experiences during his South Korean military service, offering a glimpse into both the challenges and camaraderie he encountered. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin recounted moments that ranged from emotional to humorous, revealing how he earned the affectionate nickname “God” from his squad and why his departure brought tears to the barracks.

Treating His Squad to Feasts

Jin generously used his military pay to buy food for his squad members, many of whom were experiencing their first job and financial independence at just 19 years old. Jin explained, “A lot of them were just turning 19 and never even had a job before, but I’m a lot more financially stable, so I’d say, ‘You gotta eat well to stay healthy. Come on, I’ll treat you,’ and pay for their food.”

His culinary generosity extended to various meals, including fried chicken, jokbal, and pizza. “I even took people from other barracks out to have barbecue,” he added. His frequent food treats led his squad to joke around with him, with comments like, “Sergeant Kim, did you do anything other than sleep today?” to which Jin would humorously respond by pretending to withhold dinner invitations.

This playful dynamic fostered a sense of camaraderie and gratitude among his peers, who began to refer to him as “God.” Jin recounted with a laugh, “As soon as they saw me, they’d say, ‘Worship him!’”

The One Time Jin Lost His Temper

Despite his generally calm demeanor, Jin admitted to losing his temper once during his service. Reflecting on the incident, he said, “One soldier did something wrong but kept joking around and saying, ‘I’ll figure it out myself, sir.’ I told him, ‘It’s okay if you make mistakes. It’s not like I know everything. I make mistakes, too. But if a senior soldier tells you to do something, you have to at least pretend to listen. You can’t keep goofing around like that.’”

J in emphasized the importance of learning from mistakes and respecting guidance from senior soldiers. His outburst was a rare moment in his ten-year career in the entertainment industry, where he had learned to handle various situations with patience.

An Emotional Farewell

The day of Jin’s discharge was marked by an outpouring of emotions from his comrades. He shared, “The whole barracks was in tears the day I was discharged.” Jin noted that such reactions are not common, saying, “People don’t always cry, obviously, but they do when the good seniors leave.” He humbly attributed the emotional farewell to his popularity rather than his leadership qualities.

Jin was discharged in June this year, and his fellow BTS members—RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—who are also serving in the military, were granted a day off to reunite with him and celebrate his return. Jin, whose full name is Kim Seok-jin, began his service on December 13, 2022, becoming the first of the seven BTS members to enlist.

Through his stories, Jin offered a heartfelt and honest account of his time in the military, highlighting both the challenges and bonds formed during his service. His anecdotes provide fans with a deeper understanding of the experiences that shaped him during his time away from the limelight.


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