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Bill Belichick reportedly realizing ‘there is more in life than just football’ because of 24-year-old girlfriend Jordon Hudson

This year brought a poor end to Bill Belichick’s legendary 24-year coaching career in the NFL. First, he got fired from the team he coached to six Super Bowl trophies, and then he failed to land another coaching job across the league–not even an assistant coach’s position.

But it appears the veteran coach ultimately realized that life exists beyond the horizons of the NFL, all thanks to his 24-year-old girlfriend Jordon Hudson. Sources close to Belichick revealed to the U.S. Sun that he has found a new meaning to life since he started dating Hudson. 

I don’t know if he is looking to go back to coaching again, I may be wrong, but I think that he is realizing that there is more in life than just football. I see this going far.

the source told the US Sun

Since the six-time Super Bowl champion coach started dating the former cheerleader, he has adopted quite a different persona, which can be dubbed as ‘fun-loving’. It is certainly odd for fans and even some of his former players to see this side of Belichick–who is known for his serious persona.

Belichick appears to have bid his farewell to coaching football after the bundle of uncertainty he went through this year. But this doesn’t mean he is leaving the NFL completely as the veteran coach has been offered a broadcasting job for ESPN.

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Bill Belichick’s genuine connection with 24-year-old girlfriend 

The former Patriots’ new relationship with Jordon Hudson, who has a history of dating older men, seems to be moving at a speedy pace, given that a few months back Hudson moved in with him at Belichick’s Massachusetts home. The couple were even spotted on a vacation to Nantucket just a week earlier, wearing matching rings.

Since the relationship saw the light of the day, many people have raised objections or mocked the near 50-year age difference between the couple. However, sources told Page Six that Belichick hardly cares about the judgment or opinions of other people.

Bill Belichick and his girlfriend, Jordan HudsonBill Belichick and his girlfriend, Jordan Hudson
Bill Belichick and his girlfriend, Jordan Hudson (Via Daily Mail)

One of Belichick’s old friends also showered high praise on Hudson and claimed there is some genuine connection between the couple. The 24-year-old is also said to be in love with her 72-year-old boyfriend’s jokes.

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