'Amazing Race' Host Phil Keoghan Revealed What He Really Does When Contestants Are Racing Around The World


  • CBS finally reveals how scripted The Amazing Race is, showcasing the importance of the show’s crew.
  • Phil Keoghan addresses fan questions about what he does while contestants are racing around the world.
  • Phil’s $16 million net worth proves that his hard work filming The Amazing Race has paid off.

Since The Amazing Race is one of the best reality shows of all time, even though some viewers question how scripted it is, it has millions of devoted fans. Thankfully, CBS has revealed how scripted The Amazing Race actually is and how important the show’s crew is.

On top of that, The Amazing Race‘s host, Phil Keoghan, has answered a lot of fan questions. Most interestingly, Phil explained what he does while the contestants are finishing each leg of the race.

The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan Races Around The World Just Like The Teams

During each episode of The Amazing Race, fans get to see the teams jump through incredible obstacles as they travel the world. Each of the teams race to make it to the next pit stop where the host typically can be seen calmly waiting for them.

As a result of how things come across on television, it can seem like Phil is on a long vacation when The Amazing Race is being filmed. After all, Phil’s role as the show’s host allows him to routinely travel to some of the most gorgeous places in the world.

However, what some fans don’t realize is that Phil doesn’t get to enjoy the trips he takes for The Amazing Race. Instead, it turns out that filming the show is very stressful for Phil as he has to quickly travel the world like the teams do.

The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan preparing to start the race
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In October 2023, TV Insider published a video of Phil answering the questions that fans wanted to know. In the opening minutes of that video, Phil gave viewers a small window into how stressful it is for him to film each season of The Amazing Race.


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Arguably the most interesting question that Phil answered was about what he does while the teams are racing. Phil’s answer revealed that he races around the world similar to how the teams do.

“A lot of people ask me, what are you doing when the teams are racing around the world? And it’s as if people forget that I literally am going everywhere they go, but just slightly ahead of them… I am literally trying to stay ahead of the teams.”

The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan looking surprised
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After revealing that he has to race to the finish lines too, Phil detailed what that means in practical terms.

While some fans may envision Phil traveling in the lap of luxury, that isn’t the case. As Phil explained to TV Insider, the reality is that he takes any ride that the production team can set up to get him to the next location.

“Sometimes very challenging. Twelve shows in roughly 21 days. Do the math. So I am taking whatever means of transportation I can get into to try to beat the teams to the mat.”


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The next question that TV Insider posed to Phil was also extremely revealing of how stressful his job truly is as he travels to each location. “Have you ever had to catch up to a contestant who was beating you to the finish line?”

While Phil initially tried to play it off like that sort of thing wouldn’t happen, he quickly admitted that there were times when teams had almost beaten him to the finish line.

“We really wanna talk about that? Because then that would mean that I somehow missed the boat, didn’t get the car. The answer is yes. First time it ever happened was in Season 4, I literally was running to the mat while a team was running to the mat.”

The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan looking upset
Via: CBS

In a hilarious aside, Phil explained how The Amazing Race’s fans might be able to tell when he struggles to make it to the mat in time.

“If you ever see me huffing and puffing when I say you’re team number one, chances are I was actually running to get there ahead of the team.”

The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan Almost Failed To Make It To The Finish Line At All

Just like other celebrities, The Amazing Race host can’t always go out in public without being bothered. While that may be hard on Phil, it led to an amazing revelation in 2010.


The One ‘Amazing Race’ Moment Phil Keoghan Wants Everyone To Forget

Given its 33 seasons, things were bound to get bad – that was especially the case for Phil Keoghan and his contestants during a train ride in India.

In October 2010, TMZ published a video of an interaction Phil had with the outlet while out in public. During the resulting conversation, Phil revealed that he was once detained in Ukraine as he tried to make it to the finish line.

“When I got off the plane in the Ukraine, I got held in immigration overnight.

Phil went on to explain why the Ukrainian authorities decided to detain him. “I didn’t have the right papers, or so they thought, and so they put me in a holding room overnight. Meanwhile, the teams were racing and I was, there was a concern I wasn’t going to make it to the mat.”

The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan smiling with styled hair
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When Phil realized that he had been detained in a foreign country, that must have been scary for him. After all, he was at risk of not making it to the mat in time on top of being involved in a legal system he wasn’t familiar with.

Fortunately for Phil and The Amazing Race’s producers, he was freed very quickly. While talking to TMZ, Phil revealed that a powerful person came to his rescue.

“So, thankfully, the U.S. Ambassador there was a huge Amazing Race fan, and she got me out… She’s American, and she stayed up all night to try to get me out.”

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