A Shark Tank Entrepreneur Had Kevin O'Leary In Actual Tears Revealing His Business And Relationship Dilemma


  • Kevin O’Leary’s emotional reaction to Phillip Lapuz’s personal dilemma on Shark Tank.
  • Lapuz’s company, Kronos Golf, found success after the show, and he eventually married someone else.
  • O’Leary’s response to a question about choosing business or a relationship was perceived as harsh.

Throughout the years, fans have seen different sides of Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank. He absolutely lost it on a contestant that insulted his reputation. In addition, he has seen businesses with massive potential on Shark Tank go bankrupt. One thing is for sure, Kevin always has fans on the edge of their seats.

Surprisingly, a season 6 episode also saw Kevin show his softer side. O’Leary was in tears while Kronos Golf owner Phillip Lapuz detailed his life dilemma at the time.

Let’s recap what took place, and how the story unfolded completely differently just a few years later.


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Kevin O’Leary Was In Tears After Kronos Entrepreneur Phillip Lapuz Revealed His Distant Relationship With His Fiancée

Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams walked into Shark Tank looking to secure a deal worth $150,000 for 15%. The owner of Kronos Golf left the tank with a deal. However, most fans remember the season 6, episode 2 pitch for the emotions involved, particularly with Phillip Lapuz. The entrepreneur was asked what motivated him to start his own business, and suddenly, the pitch took an emotional turn fans were not expecting.

Lapuz detailed to The Sharks, “I’m engaged and my fiancee lives in Japan. And she can’t come out here unless I made this happen. I could have just continued my job, as a consultant making fine money. But this is my dream.”

An emotional Kevin O’Leary interjects, “Why can’t she come here if this doesn’t work?”

Lapuz continues, “I want this to be stable. That’s why I’m here today. I can’t get married. It’s like do I have to choose between the company of my dreams, and my fiancee. She’s sitting waiting, it has been two years since I proposed to her. Her parents approved, and now they don’t approve. They take I’m crazy. Their culture is a little more conservative.”

O’Leary adds, “It is moving, I got to tell you.”

The moment starts below at the 7:00 mark.


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5.5 million fans tuned in on
to watch the emotional pitch.

As expected, the comments were very broad. Certain fans appreciated what the company has become today, while others praised Kevin for showing his emotions, while still sticking to his business principles.

Fans wrote:

  • “I looked into what happened after the show and the company now makes $5 million annually, still largely in Japan. Philipp was able to get the approval from his fiance’s parents and they got married last year.”
  • “I love how after Kevin says “now I’m back in reality,” the intense music instantly picks up where it left off.”
  • “Your story is making me cry, and I love the fact you’re doing this for your fiancé and for those reasons I’m out. – Barbara.”

Quite the moment. However, fans will be content to learn that things worked out just fine for both Lapuz’s company, and his relationship.

Phillip Lapuz’s Story Had A Positive Ending, But He Married Someone Else

Not only is Kronos Golf still going strong and working alongside the PGA, but things also worked out for Phillip Lapuz. Back in 2017, Kronos posted a photo of Lapuz alongside his wife on their wedding day. However, fans noted it wasn’t the same person Lapuz referred to on Shark Tank.

The post reads, “Congratulations to the founder of KRONOS Golf and Master Craftsman, Phillip Lapuz and his bride @tara_lapuz on their recent wedding. Many thanks to all of the friends who came from all over to help celebrate such a joyous day. And thank you to all of those who have supported us at KRONOS through all the years.”

The reactions to the post was still positive:

  • “I knew it, i would have given you all my money but im glad you made it either way.”
  • “I’m so happy you did not give up on your dreams! Congratulations.”
  • “I’m so happy you did not give up on your dreams! CongratuThese comments are sending me ???? Yes, he was on shark tank and his girl was Japanese. That didn’t work out obviously. He didn’t marry her and found someone else. Is it that hard to conceptualize? Lolations.”



Shark Tank’s Most Expensive Deal In History Crashed And Burned

Kevin O’Leary spent millions on a particular product, but saw it crash and burn during a presentation with Costco.

As for Kronos, what have they done since the show ended?

  • New materials for putter launched in 2022
  • Various new products
  • Working with 5 PGA Tour golfers (Andrew Putnam, Peter Uihlein, Brendan Steele, Scott Stallings, and J.T. Poston)
  • Boosted company worth to $2 million (unconfirmed figure)

Kevin O’Leary’s Answer To Picking Business Or A Relationship Didn’t Sit Well With Fans

Kevin O'Leary in front of a fiery background
Via: Instar

Although O’Leary showed his emotional side, that hasn’t always been the case. Kevin made the headlines in May of 2024 for answering a question about choosing his business or fiancee. This answer was deemed as “the worst.”

“My girlfriend came to me today and said I have to make a decision,” the student said. “We’re engaged, but she doesn’t want to live this way. I have no time for her family; I have no time for her. I work every weekend. I work all night. What do I do? I don’t want to lose her.”

O’Leary responds, “Listen, let’s be pragmatic about this,” said O’Leary. “Which one is easier to replace: Your business, or your fiancée?”

Inc called the answer short-sighted, and we agree it did come off as harsh. For Shark Tank lovers, the answer wasn’t all that shocking…