25 Best Crypto Presale of July 2024 [Moonshot List]

The crypto market being down can be really stressful for many small investors. For a lot of people, seeing the market decline stops them from investing because they fear it might fall further. The reality is, we cannot predict the future with certainty. However, the future often mirrors the past, and many renowned traders have emphasized that historical patterns tend to repeat. From history, we have learned a crucial lesson in trading: the best time to invest is when others are afraid. In short, the best time to invest is now.

Now that we understand the importance of timing in investments, the next critical question is: where should we invest? For those who want to excel in trading, it’s essential to remember this principle: the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward. Among the various investment opportunities, presales are known to be the riskiest yet potentially the most rewarding. One such presale that stands out and still tops the list of best crypto presale is EarthMeta.

Cryptocurrencies Presales offer unique opportunities. Since the project is not yet launched, you have the advantage of being among the first investors, purchasing the token at a fraction of its potential future value. When you buy into a presale like EarthMeta, you are getting in at the ground level, often when the token’s valuation is just a few cents. This means that as the project grows and gains traction, the value of your investment could increase exponentially.

Presales like EarthMeta not only can offer high potential returns but also come with inherent risks. The project is still in its nascent stages, and while it holds great promise, it also faces the uncertainties that any new venture would encounter. However, for those willing to take the plunge, the rewards can be substantial. By investing early, you are positioning yourself to benefit from the project’s success right from the beginning.

It’s important to do thorough research and understand the project you are investing in. By doing your due diligence, you can make informed decisions and mitigate some of the risks associated with early-stage investments.

Complete list of the 25 Best crypto presale of July 2024 : 

  1. EarthMeta ($EMT) – AI-driven metaverse platform.
  2. Winee3 ($WNE) – SocialFi app for professional networking.
  3. opz ($OPZ) – AI-powered wallet and decentralized exchange.
  4. SpacePay ($SPY) – Cryptocurrency payment solution.
  5. XRP ETF TOKEN ($XRPETF) – Tokenized exchange-traded fund for XRP.
  6. ($NUDX) – AI-driven photo processing and blockchain platform.
  7. Ethora ($ETR) – Decentralized options trading platform.
  8. Xuirin Finance ($XUIRIN) – DeFi platform with debit cards and lending.
  9. 5th Scape ($5SCAPE) – VR platform integrating blockchain.
  10. CratD2C ($CRAT) – E-commerce blockchain platform with DPoS.
  11. StakeLayer ($STAKE) – Bitcoin restaking and Layer-2 solutions.
  12. Beam ($BEAM) – Privacy-focused cryptocurrency and DeFi platform.
  13. Soldier of Solana ($MDC) – Play-to-earn shooter game on Solana.
  14. Insanity Bets ($IBET) – Decentralized blockchain-based casino platform.
  15. Solana VM ($SVM) – Ethereum-compatible smart contract environment on Solana.
  16. Repo Swap ($REPX) – DeFi platform for liquidity pools and cross-chain swaps.
  17. X Raise ($RAISE) – zkSync-powered DeFi and gaming platform.
  18. Solciety ($SOME) – Meme coin project on Solana.
  19. Enter App ($ENTY) – NeoBank combining fiat and cryptocurrency services.
  20. Patentigo ($PTG) – Blockchain platform for trading fractionalized IP assets.
  21. Mallconomy ($WOOT) – Metaverse and e-commerce shopping experience.
  22. NFTFN ($NFTFN) – Platform integrating NFTs and DeFi.
  23. Healix Protocol ($HLX) – Blockchain-based health and wellness ecosystem.
  24. Betix ($BETX) – Decentralized casino platform with profit-sharing.
  25. Gas Wizard ($GWIZ) – Blockchain-based loyalty program for gas and EV charging.

1 – EarthMeta

EarthMeta keeps being the best crypto presale of 2024 with its innovative metaverse platform offering a detailed digital replica of Earth. Powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), EarthMeta enables users to own and govern virtual cities, create unique metaverse assets, and engage in decentralized governance. 

Digital Real Estate and NFT Integration is a key feature, allowing users to purchase virtual cities and become Governors. Governors can subdivide cities into various NFT assets like landmarks an2d buildings, trading them on EarthMeta’s marketplace. They also earn a 1% tax on each transaction within their city. The platform integrates augmented reality (AR) applications and offers real-time performance tracking via the EarthMeta Wallet app, enhancing user engagement and utility. 

Tokenomics and Presale are also significant, offering a 15% bonus for presale participants and an impressive 186% APY on staking rewards. Participants can get free NFT cities, enhancing their digital asset portfolio and granting access to exclusive features within EarthMeta’s DAO. Decentralized Governance and Community Participation is facilitated through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model, allowing token holders to propose and vote on new features, ensuring a community-driven approach to the platform’s evolution. The future roadmap includes launching the EarthMeta platform, NFT cities presale, and marketplace integration with OpenSea, along with introducing AI-powered asset management tools, staking pools, and a mobile app for the EarthMeta Wallet.

2 – Winee3

Winee3 is a next-generation SocialFi super-app designed to revolutionize professional networking by integrating Web3 technologies. The platform combines AI-driven matchmaking, NFT event ticketing, and token rewards to create a vibrant ecosystem for professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow. AI-Driven Networking leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate precise matchmaking, connecting users with relevant professionals and opportunities in the Web3 space. NFT Event Ticketing ensures secure and verifiable access to exclusive events and gatherings. Users can earn WNE tokens through various activities, such as attending events, networking, and participating in community-driven initiatives. 

The presale features the WNE token, with a total supply of 9,000,000,000 WNE, and offers significant incentives for early investors, including a 14% discount on the token price. Roadmap Highlights include initial planning, core app development, and integration of crypto and NFT infrastructures, followed by community building, whitepaper release, and IDO preparation. The platform will launch an MVP app for iOS and Android, conduct private investment rounds, and list on decentralized exchanges. Future phases will introduce public beta releases, NFT ticketing, blockchain features, and staking functionalities, culminating in a full public launch with advanced features like corporate accounts, voice and video group chats, education modules, job search functions, and wallet integration.

3 – OPZ

OPZ is a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform that integrates advanced AI technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) features to offer a secure, intuitive, and efficient trading experience. The AI-Powered Wallet available on iOS and Android provides a secure self-custodial solution, utilizing advanced AI insights for enhanced trading and management of digital assets. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) leverages Bitcoin’s Layer 2 technology, featuring the Chronicle Matching Engine for high-performance and low-latency trading. It also incorporates Zero-Knowledge Rollups to improve transaction throughput and privacy. 

AI Trading Insights deliver real-time insights and trend analyses for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, aiding users in making informed trading decisions. The platform also integrates NFC technology for enhanced security and user interaction. Users can stake OPZ tokens to earn rewards, contributing to the platform’s security and governance. The tokenomics of OPZ include a total supply of 1,000,000,000 OPZ, with a presale allocation of 20% (200,000,000 OPZ). The initial presale price starts at $0.028, with a launch price of $0.1. The token distribution model ensures a gradual market entry over six years, supporting price stability and sustained growth.

4 – SpacePay

SpacePay is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency payment platform designed to revolutionize the way people transact in the digital age. It integrates seamlessly with traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems, enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrencies effortlessly while receiving payouts in their preferred fiat currencies. Ease of Integration allows compatibility with over 325 digital wallets, simplifying the process for users to join and participate in the SpacePay ecosystem. 

User-Friendly Transactions enable payments by scanning a QR code, ensuring smooth and straightforward transactions. The platform adheres to all financial regulatory policies, allowing it to operate in every unsanctioned nation, ensuring a broad market reach. Merchants benefit from low transaction fees of only 0.5%, with instant settlements and no hidden charges. Innovative Technology includes the development of the world’s first fully decentralized NFC technology. The presale features the SPY token, with 20% of the total tokens reserved for the presale. Funds raised will support the platform’s development and marketing efforts, ensuring growth and expansion. SpacePay has successfully raised $750,000 from private investors, completed its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and won the “New Payment Platform of the Year” award at the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2022/23, highlighting its industry leadership and innovation.


XRP ETF TOKEN is a utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) designed to provide investors with exposure to XRP through a tokenized exchange-traded fund (ETF) format. The project aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market by offering a regulated, secure, and straightforward way to invest in XRP. The Utility Token provides various benefits to its holders, including staking rewards at dynamic rates. 

The Burn Mechanism ensures a decreasing supply over time, potentially increasing the token’s value. The tokenomics include a presale allocation of 48.2%, staking allocation of 20%, liquidity allocation of 16.8%, burn allocation of 10%, and team allocation of 5%. The presale runs from April 15, 2024, to August 31, 2024, aiming to raise funds to support the development and expansion of the XRP ETF TOKEN platform, including integrating more features and enhancing liquidity. Early investors have the opportunity to gain exposure to a promising asset at a discounted rate and benefit from various staking and reward mechanisms designed to enhance the token’s value.

6 – is an innovative AI-driven platform that integrates advanced photo processing capabilities with blockchain technology. The platform boasts over 7 million active users and provides unique earning opportunities through its combination of AI and decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms. AI-Driven Photo Processing offers powerful photo editing tools powered by cutting-edge AI technology, allowing users to enhance and transform their images creatively. The Blockchain Integration ensures the security and transparency of user interactions and transactions. Users can earn rewards through staking, dividends, and node operations, with up to 50% of the platform’s product profits distributed to token holders. 

Node Operations allow users to run nodes and provide GPU power to the network, earning additional rewards. The platform includes a robust token burning mechanism to help increase the value of the remaining tokens over time. The presale features the NUDX token, encouraging early investment with specific incentives for initial participants. Participants in the presale can benefit from distributed profits and staking rewards, enhancing their potential returns on investment. is positioned as a leading platform in both the AI and blockchain sectors, providing a seamless and profitable user experience.

7 – Ethora

Ethora is a decentralized options trading platform designed to provide a seamless and secure trading experience within a truly decentralized, gasless, and permissionless environment. The platform offers an intuitive interface suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. Non-Custodial Trading ensures users have complete control over their assets without KYC requirements, protecting them from account freezing or blacklisting. Fairness and Transparency are core principles, with accurate price feeds and fair trading practices without centralized clearinghouses. 

Ethora features 1-Click, Gasless Trading, eliminating gas costs and wallet approvals, making it as convenient as centralized platforms. The platform supports Multi-Asset Trading, allowing users to trade various collateral assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Advanced trading features include limit orders, early closure, and ultra-low latency trading. Market Making Vaults enable users to participate as market makers by depositing assets into ELP vaults to receive platform fees and esETR token rewards. The tokenomics of Ethora involve a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ETR tokens, priced at 0.01 USDT each, with multiple launchpad events scheduled between June and July 2024.

8 – Xuirin Finance

Xuirin Finance is an advanced DeFi platform aiming to transform the financial landscape with innovative services. The platform integrates blockchain technology to offer decentralized financial products designed to enhance user experience and financial operations. DeFi Debit Cards enable users to spend their crypto assets seamlessly across the globe, providing anonymous transactions, fast processing, and ATM compatibility worldwide. 

The Intelligent Crypto Payment Gateway facilitates secure and efficient crypto payments for everyday transactions. AI-Enhanced Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending optimizes lending processes, offering better rates and more secure options. Xuirin also provides a Multi-Chain, Non-Custodial Wallet, supporting multiple blockchain networks and ensuring full control over assets. The platform features a tiered rewards system for debit card users, offering cashback rates of 2.5% for Silver, 4% for Gold, and 8% for Diamond cardholders. The presale includes the XUIRIN token, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 XUIRIN and 450,000,000 allocated for the presale

9 – 5th Scape

5th Scape is an innovative virtual reality (VR) platform that integrates blockchain technology to offer immersive VR experiences across various domains, such as gaming, education, and entertainment. The platform leverages Ethereum and Skale Network’s Layer-2 solutions to provide a seamless, scalable, and secure environment. 

Immersive VR Experiences include dynamic combat games like “Cage Conquest,” high-speed racing in “Thrust Hunter,” and realistic soccer in “Immersive Kickoff.” The platform offers next-gen equipment like the VR Ultra headset and SwiftScape VR chair to enhance user immersion. Beyond gaming, 5th Scape provides educational modules, high-quality animations, and blockbuster movies accessible with 5SCAPE tokens. The Decentralized Creator Marketplace encourages third-party developers to build on the platform, fostering innovation. The tokenomics involve a total supply of 5.21 billion tokens, with 80% allocated for presale. The presale has generated significant interest, raising $4 million and offering tokens at a discounted price.

10 – CratD2C

CratD2C is a pioneering blockchain platform combining the robustness of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) with Layer-1 architecture to set new standards in security, speed, and scalability. The platform aims to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape by facilitating direct connections between businesses and consumers, eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. 

Layer-1 DPoS Blockchain offers high security, instant transaction finality, and scalability, capable of handling up to 100,000 transactions per second. The E-commerce Focus enhances transparency and efficiency through smart contracts, automating and securing transactions. CratD2C also improves transparency and traceability in supply chain operations. The presale includes the CRAT token, with details available in their whitepaper, and an initial ICO price range of $0.20 to $0.30.

11 – StakeLayer

StakeLayer is a pioneering blockchain platform focused on enhancing Bitcoin’s utility through a novel Layer-2 solution introducing restaking mechanisms. The platform aims to optimize Bitcoin investments by enabling staking activities traditionally unavailable on the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Restaking Layer-2 allows Bitcoin holders to participate in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) activities and earn additional rewards. Increased Capital Efficiency maximizes returns by enabling Bitcoin to be used in various DeFi applications. The platform also enhances security through restaking mechanisms and opens up new possibilities for developers to create innovative applications on Bitcoin’s Layer-2. The presale involves the STAKE token, with 20% of the total supply allocated for presale, priced at 0.0122 USD per token.

12 – Beam

Beam is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency and DeFi platform using the Mimblewimble protocol to ensure all transactions are confidential. Launched in January 2019, Beam addresses privacy concerns in digital transactions by offering a platform where user identities, transaction amounts, and addresses are completely concealed. Privacy by Default ensures all transactions are private, protecting user data. 

Confidential DeFi supports private stablecoins, NFTs, automated market makers, and future developments like lending and oracles. Users can create and transact confidential assets on the Beam blockchain, indistinguishable from regular transactions. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) offers a powerful, Uniswap-like AMM for confidential trading and supports atomic swaps for assets like BTC, LTC, QTUM, DASH, and DOGE. The presale features the BEAM token, with a deflationary emission schedule and a total supply capped at 262,800,000 BEAM.

13 – Soldier of Solana

Soldier of Solana is a multiplayer shooter game built on the Solana blockchain, offering a unique play-to-earn experience. The game leverages Solana’s speed and low transaction costs for a seamless gaming experience where players can earn, trade, and own in-game assets. 

Multiplayer and Zombies Modes provide intense battles and cooperative zombie-hunting missions. The Play-to-Earn Mechanism allows players to earn in-game assets tokenized as NFTs, tradable on various marketplaces. Customizable Game Environment enables players to own parts of the game world, create custom maps, and farm equipment for trade. The in-game currency, Mad Coin (MDC), can be staked, traded, and used to buy equipment and assets. The presale of Mad Coin offers early investors discounted rates and opportunities to support the game’s development.

14 – Insanity Bets

Insanity Bets is a decentralized blockchain-based casino platform integrating DeFi principles with CasinoFi utilities, offering a transparent and fair gaming experience powered by blockchain technology. Decentralized Casino Gaming allows users to earn from every bet placed on the platform, with Chainlink VRF ensuring provably fair outcomes. 

The platform redistributes 85% of its fees to the community, making every bet an investment. Variety of Games includes slots, Plinko, Coin Flip, Dice, and more, with the ability for developers to integrate their own games. Community Governance through the InsanityBets DAO gives users a say in the platform’s evolution. The presale features the IBET token, with 50% allocated for presale and structured across 15 stages, providing early investors with discounted prices and various benefits.

15 – Solana VM

Solana VM (SVM) is a powerful execution environment for smart contracts on the Solana blockchain, designed to support high-speed, low-cost transactions. The platform offers developers an Ethereum-compatible environment, allowing them to deploy dApps built with Solidity and Vyper without significant reconfiguration. Ethereum Compatibility enables seamless deployment of Ethereum dApps on Solana. The High Performance of the Solana blockchain, capable of handling thousands of transactions per second, ensures efficient operations. 

The Localized Fee Market prevents surges in activity from affecting overall gas structure, maintaining stable fees. Developers can use familiar tools from the Ethereum ecosystem. The presale features the SVM token, with a total supply and detailed distribution strategy, offering early investors participation in a platform combining Solana and Ethereum ecosystems.

16 – Repo Swap

Repo Swap is a blockchain platform designed to revolutionize DeFi by offering innovative solutions for liquidity pools, cross-chain swaps, and launchpad services. The platform aims to address interoperability barriers between different blockchain networks. Liquidity Pools allow users to stake liquidity pairs and earn rewards. Cross-Chain Swaps facilitate seamless transactions between different blockchain networks. 

The Launchpad supports early-stage projects in raising funds and gaining exposure. The presale features the REPX token, with specific allocation and pricing details available on their presale page. Funds raised will support platform development and expansion, enhancing its capabilities and fostering a vibrant community.

17 – X Raise

X Raise leverages zkSync’s technology to offer a comprehensive suite of features for developers and users in the DeFi space. zkSync Integration enables features like transaction batching, session keys, social recovery, on-chain subscriptions, and paymasters. The Gaming SDK provides tools for developers to build blockchain-based games. Advanced Security ensures user safety with enhanced measures and passwordless authentication. 

DeFi Integrations plan to incorporate third-party features like in-app messaging, bridging, and swapping. The presale features the RAISE token, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 RAISE and specific distribution details. Early investors can benefit from the growth of a platform offering advanced DeFi and gaming features.

18 – Solciety

Solciety is an experimental meme coin project on the Solana blockchain, combining elements of meme culture, decentralized storage, degen trading, and gambling. The Meme Preservation aspect aims to create a digital encyclopedia of memes on the blockchain. The team behind Solciety includes successful marketers planning to partner with key opinion leaders. 

No Unlocked Tokens ensure fairness and trust within the community. Upcoming CEX Listings on major exchanges will increase liquidity and exposure. The platform also incorporates degen shitcoin trade and gambling features. The presale features the SOME token, with a fair launch model ensuring broad distribution and building a strong community.

19 – Enter App

enter app is a cutting-edge NeoBank that combines traditional financial services with blockchain benefits, simplifying financial operations. Dual Currency Integration allows users to manage both fiat and cryptocurrencies seamlessly. 

The User-Friendly Interface caters to beginners and experienced users. Security Measures include encryption and two-factor authentication, ensuring safety. Versatile Banking Services offer buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies, facilitating everyday transactions. Partnerships with major financial institutions like Visa bridge the gap between crypto and fiat worlds. The presale features the ENTY token, supporting further development and integration of additional features. The platform aims to revolutionize the crypto banking sector with innovative service offerings.

20 – Patentigo

Patentigo utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize the patent ecosystem, democratizing access to intellectual property (IP). Fractional Ownership allows trading fractionalized IP assets, enabling smaller capital investments. Spot Trading facilitates buying and selling fractions of patents like other crypto assets. Users can Stake Assets to earn interest and benefits. 

The Launchpad enables purchasing new patents before listing. Voting System allows PTG token holders to participate in governance. The OTC Counter supports larger orders and unique deals. The presale features the PTG token, supporting platform development and expansion. Patentigo aims to bridge the gap between retail investors and IP trading, enhancing traceability and mitigating litigation challenges.

21 – Mallconomy

Mallconomy combines e-commerce and the metaverse to create a unique shopping experience, allowing users to shop in a virtual mall customized to their preferences. Metaverse Shopping Experience supports PCs, smartphones, smart TVs, and VR headsets, offering flexibility. The Browse-to-Earn Model provides rewards for browsing, enhancing engagement and incentives. Customizable Stores transform interactions between brands and consumers. 

Staking Rewards offer high returns, encouraging long-term participation. The presale features the $WOOT token, supporting platform development and user experience enhancement. Mallconomy combines e-commerce, AI, and the metaverse, promising significant growth.

22 – NFTFN

NFTFN integrates blockchain technology with the NFT and DeFi ecosystems, offering innovative financial instruments. The SuperNova (SNV) Platform allows trading NFT floor-price indices, enabling speculation on premium NFT collections. 

Leverage Trading offers up to 10x leverage, increasing exposure and potential gains. The Decentralized Order Book promotes transparency and user control. Insurance Solutions protect assets and transactions. Robust partnerships with industry leaders like Polygon, OpenSea, BitsCrunch, and Google Cloud support the platform. The presale features the NFTFN token, offering early access and exclusive perks. NFTFN aims to bridge DeFi and NFTs, offering growth potential in digital ownership.

23 – Healix Protocol

Healix Protocol leverages blockchain, AI, and IoT to revolutionize healthcare, providing a decentralized and holistic approach. Blockchain Technology ensures secure and transparent health data management. AI and IoT Integration enhance health monitoring and management. The Health Quotient (HQ) system tracks health progress and rewards users. 

Strategic Partnerships with hospitals, wellness centers, and other entities offer exclusive discounts and incentives. The presale features the HLX token, with a successful initial sale indicating strong investor confidence. Healix Protocol aims to transform healthcare with accessible, secure, and efficient health management.

24 – Betix

Betix is a decentralized casino platform utilizing $BETX tokens for gaming and profit-sharing. Decentralized Casino offers various games, ensuring fairness through blockchain technology. Profit Sharing redistributes 85% of fees to the community, enhancing user earnings. No KYC requirement ensures privacy and a streamlined experience. 

Daily Rewards and a Token Burn Mechanism increase token value. The presale features the $BETX token, structured across 11 stages with increasing prices, offering early participants the best deals. Betix aims to provide a transparent, rewarding gaming experience.

25 – Gas Wizard

Gas Wizard addresses rising gas and EV charging costs with a blockchain-based loyalty program. Blockchain Loyalty Program ensures transparency and security, offering rewards and discounts. Real-Time Gas Prices allow users to monitor prices and engage with the loyalty program. The GWIZ Token facilitates transactions and rewards within the ecosystem. 

Staking and Rewards provide passive income opportunities. The presale features the GWIZ token, with incremental price increases across ten stages. Gas Wizard aims to make fuel and charging more affordable through blockchain technology.

To conclude on our list of the best crypto for July 2024 and as you can see through our analysis, the cryptocurrency market presents numerous opportunities, especially in presale projects that offer the potential for substantial returns. 

The highlighted projects, such as EarthMeta, Winee3, and SpacePay, showcase innovation in various domains, from AI-driven metaverse platforms to decentralized finance and blockchain-based payment solutions. Each project brings unique value propositions, whether it’s enhancing digital real estate through NFTs, revolutionizing professional networking with SocialFi, or facilitating seamless crypto transactions in everyday life.

Investing in presales like XRP ETF TOKEN and allows early adopters to benefit from early-stage growth potential. These projects also incorporate advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain, and decentralized finance mechanisms, which can significantly enhance their market appeal and usability. Ethora and Xuirin Finance, for instance, demonstrate the growing importance of decentralized trading platforms and DeFi services, offering secure, gasless, and user-friendly experiences.

Moreover, projects like CratD2C and StakeLayer highlight the increasing focus on enhancing blockchain infrastructure and expanding the utility of cryptocurrencies. By integrating robust security protocols, high transaction speeds, and innovative staking mechanisms, these platforms aim to set new standards in blockchain technology and financial operations.

The gaming and entertainment sectors are also seeing substantial blockchain integration, as evidenced by Soldier of Solana and 5th Scape. These projects leverage blockchain to provide immersive, play-to-earn experiences and virtual reality environments, respectively, offering users new ways to interact and earn within the digital ecosystem.

What is a crypto presale?

A crypto presale is an early investment phase where a new cryptocurrency project sells its tokens to investors before the official launch. This phase is usually aimed at raising funds to develop the project further and to build initial traction. Presales often offer tokens at a discounted rate, providing an attractive entry point for early backers.

How does a token presale work?

In a token presale, a cryptocurrency project sells a portion of its total token supply to investors before the public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or token generation event. Investors purchase these tokens at a lower price, often receiving additional bonuses or incentives. The funds raised during the presale are typically used for project development, marketing, and other operational costs. Investors benefit from the potential for significant returns as the project grows and the token’s value increases.

What is the difference between a crypto presale and an ICO?

The presale offers tokens at a discounted price with potential bonuses. An ICO, on the other hand, is open to the general public and usually follows the presale. The ICO aims to raise a larger amount of funds by selling tokens at a higher price than in the presale. Essentially, the presale is a preliminary fundraising phase, while the ICO is the main event for public token sales.

What are the best crypto presales in 2024?

One of the most highly anticipated and best crypto presales in 2024 is EarthMeta. According to renowned media outlets, influencers, and crypto experts, EarthMeta stands out due to its innovative approach and strong team. Several prominent investors, including notable whales in the crypto community, have already entered the EarthMeta presale, indicating strong confidence in the project’s potential. EarthMeta aims to revolutionize the metaverse space with cutting-edge technology and a compelling vision for the future.

Which token presales are currently trending?

EarthMeta is currently one of the most trending token presales. The project has gained significant attention from the crypto community due to its unique proposition and promising roadmap. The presale has attracted substantial interest from both retail investors and institutional players, driven by its potential to deliver high returns. EarthMeta’s innovative solutions and robust development plan make it a standout choice for those looking to invest early in promising projects.

What is the most promising crypto presale right now?

EarthMeta is widely regarded as the most promising crypto presale at the moment. With endorsements from top crypto analysts and media coverage highlighting its potential, EarthMeta has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the presale market. The project focuses on integrating advanced technology within the metaverse, offering a unique value proposition that has caught the attention of investors. Early participants in the presale stand to benefit from substantial growth as the project progresses.