Women Affairs Minister bans lodging of underage girls

Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, minister of women affairs has banned hoteliers across the country from lodging teenagers and underage girls in their facilities.

Ohaneye, read the riot acts on Saturday at the ‘Unlock Training and Grants’ organised by Abiola Arogundade, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education.

Speaking at the event, Kennedy-Ohanenye stressed that it would no longer be business as usual as hoteliers who lodge underage girls risk being sanctioned.

The minister disclosed that hoteliers, especially in the Federal Capital Territory, have been ordered to mount a signpost outside their hotels warning prospective clients not to lodge underage girls in their premises.

She said, “Nigeria must be better. From 20th (June), we have directed hotels to put a sign outside from the Ministry of Women. No lodging of underage girls. (Otherwise) what happened in Niger State will be an understatement of what will happen in the FCT and I mean it.

“No more lodging of underage girls and no more bullying in schools.”

Kennedy-Ohanenye also disclosed the FG has commenced a probe into the viral clip of 10 Nigerian teenagers who were rescued from neighbòuring Ghana, where they were trafficked for prostitution.

The minister promised that the government would take decisive action on the matter next Monday.

She added, “Women are suffering in this country. Today, we have talked about the need to allow the poor to breathe in this country.

“Meanwhile I am sure you saw the video circulating about our girls taken to Ghana. Did you see it? Very good. Action will start on Monday. You will hear about our action first thing on Monday morning. That is the first thing I am going to approach and see what we can do about it.”