Why I don’t believe in having a girlfriend – Skit Maker, Layi Wasabi

Isaac Olayiwola, also known as Layi Wasabi, a Nigerian skit maker, content creator, and movie actor, shared his perspective on the concept of “girlfriend.”

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During an episode of the ‘Is This Seat Taken?’ podcast with host Chinasa Anukam, he mentioned that he prefers the term “partnership” over “girlfriend.”

He emphasized the importance of courtship to observe wifely attributes in a person from the beginning.

“I don’t believe in the concept of a girlfriend. I believe in partnership. I don’t believe in that phase of girlfriends. I start with courtship. I have to see the wife in the person from the beginning.”

The host, Chinasa, inferred, “That speaks a level of focus. That’s fine.”

Wasabi also revealed that he has only gone on four dates. The comedian mentioned that he prefers tall women and that height is the first thing he notices about them.