Why Hannah Brown Is Still Ranked As The Most Popular 'Bachelorette'


  • Hannah Brown is the most relatable Bachelorette, showcasing growth through her messy but inspiring journey on TV.
  • Being a former beauty queen enabled Hannah Brown to connect with audiences in a real and authentic way.
  • Capitalizing on her popularity post-reality TV, Hannah has ventured into successful projects like writing novels and hosting a podcast.

The Bachelor Franchise has produced many couples, contestants, and personalities who have evolved into more than what Bachelor Nation associates with the franchise. Still, some leave a trail that is hard to emulate, and they will always be known for their appearances on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

One of the most popular alumni of the franchise is The Bachelor Season 23 contestant and The Bachelorette Season 15 star, Hannah Brown. Her endearing personality drew many to the then-24-year-old. Hannah is also ranked among the top 10 The Bachelorette based on net worth.

Despite the years since her breakout from the dating reality show, Hannah Brown still ranks as the most popular The Bachelorette alum. That’s because she had a fresh personality that was relatable, a can-do attitude, and has been a successful media personality outside the franchise.


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Hannah went on The Bachelor as part of her goal to work on her self-esteem and weave through her messy life.

Known for her iconic quote “I’ve had sex. And Jesus still loves me,” down-to-earth southern girl Hannah Brown was introduced to the Bachelor Nation in season 23 of The Bachelor, making it to the top seven of Colton Underwood’s pick. Her turn as a “villain” and then a fan favorite drew people’s sympathy, and before she left the show, she had won many hearts.

Hannah Brown
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It may have seemed she lost out on The Bachelors, but Hannah was chosen to star in The Bachelorette season 15, the same year as her contestant run on The Bachelor.

Brown, identifying herself as a mess and work-in-progress, came on the show not pretending to be who she wasn’t, and Bachelor Nation could not help rooting for the interior designer/former pageant queen. On the show, fans watched Hannah grow by standing up against her season’s villain Luke P’s misogyny, step out of her shell, move on from self-deprecating jokes, and learn to find how best to love herself.

Like most proposals at the show’s end, Hannah accepts a proposal from the season’s winner, Jed Wyatt. However, in a shocking twist, People revealed Jed Wyatt was in a relationship with Nashville singer Haley Stevens before going on the show. Wyatt had seen the show as a platform to promote his career. “My first thought was this is like a huge platform, and I just want you to know the truth,” he told Brown on the show.

The final episode was so explosive; Hannah’s season became one of the most talked about in the franchise.


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Regardless, Hannah took the high road, rejecting Wyatt’s proposal — this showed immense growth on her part. On the live show, Hannah Brown asked runner-up, Tyler Cameron, but that didn’t turn out well either. Although she did not fall under the category of Bachelorette couples still together, Hannah Brown moved on from the rejection with a new mystery man.

The incidents made Hannah famous while equally breaking her heart. Brown also won the hearts of the Bachelor Nation. Many rooted for the “messy girl” who had grown so much in such a short time. Hannah Brown became popular, and the fame seemed well-deserved, albeit overwhelming.

Striking while the iron was hot, Brown competed on the 28th season of Dancing with the Stars and was declared the season’s winner.

Her personality and frankness got people rooting for the former Miss Alabama USA. Having to appear as the lead in one reality show and win another the same year made Hannah Brown an exceptional candidate for overnight fame and success.

She is also one of the most followed Bachelorettes on social media, with close to 3 million followers. Hannah has also evolved from a pageant queen to a social media personality, with her charisma fine-tuned to appeal to more people.

Seeing her good, bad, worse, and insecure sides made her relatable and is one of the foremost reasons why people loved her and wanted to watch her all she dished out. The fact that she stood up for herself, didn’t run from her mistakes, accepted her losses, and moved on from them also made her endearing. The Bachelor Nation couldn’t help but root for her.

Hannah Brown’s Background As A Pageant Queen May Have Influenced Her Popularity

Her pageant life laid the foundation for who Hannah is because she experienced and overcame many challenges.

Hannah Brown started her pageantry career as a teenager, with several titles. She was second runner-up for Miss Teen Alabama in 2011, and after many fails, she won the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018, competing for Miss USA.

While Brown did not place on Miss USA 2018, she made an impression by using her platform to advocate for mental illness awareness for anxiety and depression, which she suffered from and had to take a hiatus from competing to recover.

Hannah Brown
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Fans are curious about what she does for a living.

When she appeared in The Bachelor franchise, many had to shake off her perception of the beauty queen, which was far from the image people have of pageant competitors. This allowed Brown to bring something different. She wasn’t as polished as many thought, or rather, she had shed off the weight of competing in pageants, leaving only a woman with “relatable” traits on television. It was easy to connect with her.

Pageantry exposed Hannah Brown to many challenges, including body image, mental health, and unhealthy diets. Things that would weigh her down, especially when she compared herself to others.

“I would spend a whole year preparing for this one pageant, and then I would never make the top. And then I would do it again, and I just kept being beat down and would look at the person that had won and be like, ‘What do I need to do this year?'”

Taking a step back from the grueling lifestyle and returning when she didn’t need to compare herself with others was a great choice for Brown; she had realized things she wanted for herself.

Notwithstanding, being a beauty queen taught Hannah Brown how to be poised and always on her toes — not that she followed the rules all the time. She will always attribute her life as a pageant competitor as a test of wills because, “Being a pageant girl taught me to be polished, poised, and slap on a smile.”

Her life as a former beauty queen may not have been a bed of roses for Brown, but it laid the foundation for who she currently is.

Hannah Brown Capitalized On Her Popularity And Earned The Rewards

Hannah has moved on to more successful projects, including writing novels and hosting a lifestyle podcast.

One thing Hannah Brown has shown since she debuted on national television in 2019 is her resilience. It’s a grace the reality star knows drew people to her, and she capitalized on that.

Hannah Brown
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Releasing her memoir God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life’s Best (and Worst) Moment in 2021 was the first step to making a great comeback for the former pageant queen. She could tell her story of how she was, and truly see the growth of her work-in-progress life. Brown’s book became a New York Best Seller, kick-starting Brown’s life as a successful author.

  • Her next project was to start her YouTube podcast, Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown, a lifestyle podcast that talks about relatable things. This may have been inspired by the YouTube video where Hannah Brown gushed about her fiancé Adam Woolard.
  • DWTS was not the last reality show Hannah Brown participated in. In 2023, Brown competed in the quasi-military training series Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, where she was the last celebrity standing, proving her winning streak in other reality shows was not a fluke.

According to Variety, Hannah Brown is adding romance novelist to her list of works, having signed a two-book deal with Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing. Her first romance novel, ‘Mistakes We Never Made,” was released in 2024 and her second book is scheduled for the summer of 2025.

Brown’s successful career is undoubtedly thanks to her popularity as a Bachelorette. No matter how people perceive her, Hannah Brown has shown she has what it takes to be the best she can be.