Where The Cast of Love Is Blind Season 1 Is In 2024


  • Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, from Love is Blind Season 1, are still fan favorites and happily married, winning Netflix’s “Cutest Couple” award.
  • Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, another successful couple from Season 1, continue to stay happy and strong, despite past challenges.
  • Giannina Gibelli found love with another reality star after her split with Damian Powers, while Jessica Batten married a podiatrist and Mark Cuevas moved on fast.

Love is Blind‘s first season debuted in 2020, and despite the seasons that came after, fans never forgot about their favorite couples from the show’s early days. Only two successful marriages came from the first season — and one was somewhat unexpected — setting the stage for all the drama that was to come in subsequent seasons.

Here, we’ll discuss where the cast of Season 1 of Love is Blind is today — including both the couples who got married and the ones who called it quits — and who they’re with.

Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton Stayed Together (And Won Netflix’s “Cutest Couple” Award)

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were one of the least dramatic couples on Love is Blind, and that’s counting all the seasons after theirs, too. Lauren and Cameron were fan favorites then, and they remained fan favorites long after their season ended.

In 2024, Lauren posted to Instagram to celebrate her and Cameron winning Netflix’s ‘cutest couple’ at an event. The two have also been busy in their professional lives.

What does Lauren Speed do for a living?

When not sharing cute doggo pics on Instagram or attending industry events, Lauren is also working on launching a nonprofit, hosts a podcast, posts sponsored content with big brand collabs, and hosts a reality competition show on Amazon Freevee. She’s also the CEO of The Speed Brand, an agency that does digital marketing and social media.

Why Lauren Speed & Cameron Hamilton struggled in their 4-year marriage
via: Netflix

As for Cameron Hamilton, he is “still a scientist,” according to his Instagram bio, but doesn’t seem as active as his wife on social media. That doesn’t mean there’s trouble in paradise, though; Lauren and Cameron’s life after Love is Blind is about as picture-perfect as fans could have hoped.

It’s also been rumored (by Lauren herself) that the couple plan to have kids together sometime soon.


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Amber Pike And Matthew Barnett Had A Surprisingly Solid Marriage (And Are BFFs With Lauren And Cameron)

After the messy love triangle in Season 1, viewers might have been surprised when Amber and Barnett (AKA Matt) actually tied the knot. Later, after Amber and Barnett’s decidedly un-dramatic nuptials (spoiler: they both said yes at the altar), fans figured out that Netflix probably took more liberties with the editing than needed.

Via Netflix

On screen, Amber seemed flighty and needy, while it seemed like Jessica Batten (one of Barnett’s connections in the pods) was just waiting to dive in and steal her man back. By the time the reunion rolled around, things were awkward, but Barnett and his wife are plenty happy these days. That doesn’t mean they pal around with Jessica and her husband the way they do with Lauren and Cameron, though.


How Love Is Blind’s Barnett And Amber Make Their Marriage Last

Amber and Matt Barnett have been going strong since the beginning of Love Is Blind season 1.

Amber and Jessica’s “feud” is quiet these days, but it might be primarily due to Amber and her husband’s commitment to treating Jessica like Voldemort. The two joked about her being she-who-must-not-be-named, but they also have bigger things to worry about than some long-ago almost-ex.

Amber and Barnett admitted that they nearly divorced at one point in their early marriage, largely because they continuously “butted heads” and couldn’t figure out how to make their marriage work despite being totally in love.

Do Amber and Barnett have kids?

As of June 2024, Amber and Barnett do not have any children (though Amber calls herself a dog mom on social media). In 2021, Amber shared that she had been diagnosed with epilepsy, which had the couple holding back on starting a family.

Giannina Gibelli Found Herself A Bachelor (And Damian Powers Found Reality TV Love)

Fans will recall that Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers had a fiery love story on Love is Blind‘s first season. It ended with Damian saying no at the altar — although the two wound up back together long after filming ended. Between Damian bringing a “date” to the show’s reunion bash and Giannina insulting his abilities in the bedroom, the pair had a lot to work on.

Giannina Gibelli staring down Damian Powers after he turned her down at their wedding

Ultimately, they split for good, with Giannina finding love with another reality star — Bachelor Nation personality Blake Horstmann (he appeared on The Bachelorette in Season 14 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 6) — after they met on All-Star Shore.

In early 2024, the couple welcomed a son together: Heath Orion Hostrmann was born on March 29th. The couple received an outpouring of love from both Bachelor Nation and Love is Blind alums, but Giannina’s ex Damian Powers probably won’t be among the well-wishers.

What is Damian Powers doing now?

After the pair finally split, Damian went on to appear on more reality TV with his one-time date and “friend” Francesca Farago, from Love is Blind‘s anniversary party. Damian appeared on Perfect Match with Francesca and other love interests, but he walked away single afterward.

As far as what Damian is doing now, he seems to still be deeply invested in Netflix’s shows, appearing on Miss/Match after Perfect Match. That doesn’t mean he has a ton of fans, though. Many of Damian’s followers drag him in Instagram comments, with many suggesting they know now that Giannina wasn’t the problem in their relationship.

It’s unclear whether Damian is dating anyone seriously, but he often shares snapshots of his exploits with cast members from various dating shows.

Jessica Batten Married A Podiatrist (And Mark Cuevas Moved On Fast)

After the love triangle that painted Jessica Batten as a desperate villain, fans were happy to see her paired up with Mark Cuevas. At least, at first. It turned out Mark wasn’t quite mature enough for his older and more mature fiancée, and the two split at the altar (it was Jessica’s choice).

Jessica Batten looking serious on Love Is Blind
via Netflix

Not long after, Mark met someone and had two kids before getting married in 2022. It was also rumored that Mark cheated on Jessica, but the rumors were never confirmed, partly because Mark didn’t show up to the reunion.

Also in 2022, Jessica had her own wedding to podiatrist Benjamin McGrath, which she noted was well worth the wait. She also expressed regret over the drama with Barnett and Amber, saying she only wished them the best.


‘Love Is Blind’: Everything Jessica Has Said About Mark

Though both are in happy new relationships, Jessica has not hesitated to speak out about her time with Mark during filming and behind the scenes.

How did Jessica Batten meet her husband?

According to Jessica, her now-husband slid into her DMs after seeing her on Love is Blind. Jessica and Benjamin McGrath met in 2020 (Love is Blind‘s final Season 1 episode aired in March of that year), secretly got married in 2022, and welcomed a son named Dax in 2023.

Kelly Chase And Diamond Jack Are Focusing On Their Work (While Their Exes Moved On)

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase might have been most Love is Blind viewers’ top choice for a yes at the altar, but things fell apart when they decided not to tie the knot. Kelly and Kenny admitted that they got engaged for the wrong reason, so at least they figured it all out before it was too late!

love is blind kelly kenny

In the end, it all worked out okay for Kenny, at least; in 2022, Kenny married his wife Alexandra with LIB alums like Jessica Batten in attendance. Kenny continues to gush over his wife every year on their anniversary (and other times, too), and he seems to have left his memories of Kelly far behind.

Kelly Chase appears to be single in 2024, but she has her own podcast (titled Chase Life with Kelly), is a model, and appears to have plenty of financial opportunities outside of her 9 to 5 job.

Love is Blind cast members Carlton, Giannina, and Kenny

Diamond Jack seems to have taken a page out of Kelly’s book with regard to her professional life after a failed engagement on LIB.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton had one of the most shortlived storylines on Season 1, with Diamond freaking out after Carlton withheld important information about his past and relationship preferences. After their split, Diamond moved on to Perfect Match, but removed herself from the game when she didn’t find a worthwhile match.

Now, Diamond seems to be focusing on her career, but it’s not clear exactly what she does. She shares sponsored content posts on social media and posts many glam outfits, but Diamond is also said to be pursuing a Ph.D. in Optometry.

As for Carlton, he appears to fly under the radar in 2024 after making his Instagram account private. Carlton’s current Instagram claims he was previously hacked and had to create a new account; fans have to request to follow him.