What Is Ashanti's Net Worth?


  • Amidst varying figures and speculations, Ashanti’s net worth remains a mystery due to her early success not being fully documented.
  • From a successful debut album to acting roles and real estate investments, Ashanti’s career has been a multi-faceted journey of financial gains.
  • With future projects like new albums and tours in the pipeline, Ashanti’s earnings are anticipated to grow, making her financial worth an intriguing guess.

Since coming on the scene more than 20 years ago, Ashanti has been keeping herself busy professionally, while keeping her high-profile relationships, like the one she had with Nelly, under wraps. From hit singles off several albums, acting on the big screen and in theater, and launching her own recording label, there is not much that Ashanti has not done in her career.

It’s because of this drive to always keep wanting to further her career that the Always on Time singer has amassed quite a fortune for herself over the past couple of decades. How much Ashanti has earned, however, is not entirely clear.


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Updated May 2024: Ashanti announced in April 2024 that she and Nelly are expecting a baby together. The couple, who also announced that they are engaged, recently celebrated Mother’s Day together with their families. This is Ashanti and Nelly’s first child. Nelly has two other children, Cornell III aka Tre, 25, and Chanelle (Nana), 30.

Ashanti Only Has A Rumored Net Worth

Ashanti is estimated to have a $5 million to $22 million net worth

Ashanti on the red carpet
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For those who are curious about what Ashanti’s net worth is, there is a discrepancy depending on the source. The discrepancy is not small either. Instead, the estimates are millions of dollars apart. And because of this, it can be tricky to determine just how much Ashanti is worth.

The majority of sources claim that Ashanti is worth between $18 to $20 million. However, some sources state Ashanti’s net worth is closer to $5 million.

Others still put Ashanti’s wealth at as high as $24 million, though. As such, coming up with what the exact figure is could be anyone’s guess. That is, unless more digging is done to determine just what Ashanti has done throughout her career and what each project has brought her financially.


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It could also be that future project earnings are factored into what it is that Ashanti is worth. Given that she has a new album, is working on remastering her debut album, and has touring in the works, that could make a huge difference in the overall amount of wealth.

But the best place to start to see what Ashanti has amassed is to look at what has been done in the past first.

Ashanti’s Early Career Likely Made Her The Most Money

Ashanti was signed by Murder Inc. in 2002

Ashanti first burst onto the scene in 2002 as a teenager. She was signed by Murder Inc. and became an overnight sensation with Foolish. The song was such a success that it was the “longest-running consecutive hit” of the year and overall the second most popular song on the Billboard Top 100 in 2002 as well.

With Foolish making Ashanti a star and eventually earning her a Grammy, there was a good-sized payday that came with her first album, Ashanti. The amount that the Baby singer made was a reported $3.8 million.

While her second album was not as successful as the first, there was still solid money made from Chapter II. The second studio album reportedly made Ashanti $1.1 million richer.

The subsequent albums after the first two that Ashanti released did not do quite as well. However, they all went platinum or multi-platinum. This could mean up to another $1 million was earned for each album. And now with her re-recording all the songs from Ashanti and releasing them under her label, there is the potential to make even more money.

To promote these albums, concert dates were set. This means more money was made from ticket sales. How much that was twenty years ago, is unknown. But with Ashanti touring steadily since her career began, it is likely that the bulk of her fortune has come from live performances.

From her popularity gained as a result of her singing career, acting roles soon came Ashanti’s way. Because of this, not only was the Only U singer’s voice on the radio waves and face on the small screen for music videos, she soon became a fixture on the big screen as well.

Ashanti had been involved in acting sparingly as a child and younger teenager. But after she became a household name in the early 2000s, studios came calling. As such, she was cast in films with stars such as Jesse Metcalfe, who would rather forget, John Tucker Must Die, Samuel Jackson in Coach Carter, and Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Extinction.

These three movies alone grossed nearly $320 million at the box office. How much Ashanti benefited financially from the films she was in is unknown. But with each film she was in making more money than the last, it can be assumed that a decent payday was received from each.


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When Ashanti was reaping the financial benefits of her successful albums and collaborating with other artists, she decided to invest in real estate as well. The Falling for You singer built a custom home for $1.98 million. With that home being sold for $2.2 million, there is some money to be made from real estate.

In the garages of the custom estate, Ashanti is part of the club of celebrities who collect cars. While many are worth tens of thousands of dollars, the most impressive car Ashanti owns is the Rolls-Royce Ghost. And with it being worth $450,000, that adds substantially to Ashanti’s financial worth.

Why The Figures Of What Ashanti Has Amassed Vary So Greatly

Much of what Ashanti made in the early days of her career has not been documented

Ashanti on the red carpet
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With everything being available with a quick search on the internet, those who have risen to fame in the past decade have their net worth readily available. But, for those who had the majority of their success before the internet was used as frequently, that information is a bit more scarce.

Ashanti’s biggest years of her career were from 2002 to 2006. This was just when people were on the internet with any regularity. It was still in its infancy. As such, every little move that celebrities made was not reported in real-time. This includes any financial records.

Because of this, unless Ashanti feels the need to set the record straight, it will forever be anyone’s guess as to just how much the Rock Wit U singer is worth. And with sometimes too much being known about celebrities, this may not be a bad thing.