Wash Your Mouths Before Kissing Scenes – Actress Bibi Sonye Pleads With Actors

Bibi Sonye

Nollywood actress, Bibi Sonye, has urged her male colleagues to ensure they practice proper oral hygiene before engaging in kissing scenes.

In an Instagram video post earlier in the week, she had threatened to take legal action against any movie production that paraded actors with smelly mouths.

She said, “Nigeria movie industry, we need to do better. If you are going to give me a script with a kissing scene and the actor you hired doesn’t have fresh breath, I will sue your production. I am tired of kissing people with horrible breath. Let’s normalise not kissing in romantic scenes. You all will eat egusi and ofe nsala soup and come straight to the movie set without gargling or using a mouth wash and you think it’s okay to put your mouth in mine? I quit.

“You men are collecting N1m, N2m or whatever it is you’re collecting; yet you can’t go to the dentist? You go from smoking weed or cigars, and think it’s okay to bring it on set? I’m calling out all the Nollywood producers to evaluate the mouths of those you bring to set to kiss another (person).”

However, in another post shortly after, Sonye made a u-turn and stated that she was ready to kiss, as some producers had been asking her for refunds.

She said, “Since I made that video, I haven’t had peace. All the scripts I have, they are asking me for refund. Please, I am sorry. I will kiss; there is nothing there.”

She added that her reason for joining Nollywood was to prove a point to her family who already saw her as a disappointment. She said, “I am already a disappointment to my family by being in Nollywood.”