Understanding Base Dawgz’s Vision: What Is The Project’s Ultimate Goal?

Bitcoin is back above $70,000, presenting a chance for investors to take positions in different coins and take profits. 

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), a new cryptocurrency project launched on the Base Network, is already piquing interest. The DAWGZ presale launched a few days ago and has already raised over $445,000. 

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Presale Starts With A Bang 

The crypto community highly anticipated DAWGZ’s launch, given that half of the amount raised so far was garnered during the first few minutes after the presale went live. 

The DAWGZ token was launched on the Base chain, which has become a central hub for decentralized applications, including meme coins. The token will also be available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, and Avalanche.

The DAWGZ token leverages the hype around doge-themed meme coins. According to the whitepaper, this project targets “those who crave adventure and innovation.” 


DAWGZ is currently priced at $0.00479 during the presale. Only three days are left before the presale price increases. The price of DAWGZ will increase gradually during the presale, allowing early investors to get solid returns. 

Base Dawgz is Rewarding Community Engagement 

The Base Dawgz team is looking to boost community engagement. The entire project seeks to reward active community members willing to participate in marketing the project. 

This offering will be achieved through a share-to-earn system. This system will pay out reward points for those sharing content around the DAWGZ project on social media. 

Users can access these rewards using the “refer and earn” button on the Base website homepage. After linking a wallet, one will get a referral link that they will use to refer other investors to the project. 

Users will be eligible for a reward equal to 5% of the amount contributed to the presale that the user has referred. 

Community members can redeem the reward points for DAWGZ tokens. Users must also link their X account and share content to earn points. 

By rewarding the community for marketing the project, the Base DAWGZ team boosts community growth and propels the token’s value. 


DAWGZ also comes with robust tokenomics. 20% of the token’s supply has been allocated to the presale. Another 20% allocation will go to staking and liquidity. 15% is set aside for marketing, while 10% is for exchange liquidity. 15% will be used to issue DAWGZ token rewards to active community members. 

In terms of security, Base Dawgz also does not lag. The Solid Proof blockchain security firm audits its smart contract firm. The contract is also upgradeable, showing that the supply will remain constant and the code will not be altered. 

Launching on the base network will improve the security of the platform. Base is a layer-two chain created on Ethereum, meaning it benefits from the high security of the Ethereum blockchain.