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TV star writes yet another clickbait pregnancy post despite 'embarrassing' daughter

Just months after sharing a clickbait pregnancy post that “embarrassed” her daughter, Kim Zolciak has now revealed she “wasn’t expecting twins” and shared what appears to be a pregnancy scan.

Kim Zolciak shared in an X post, “I certainly wasn’t expecting TWINS, but here we go.” Just months ago, the former Real Housewives star was slammed by her own daughter for a false pregnancy post.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann speaks onstage at Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo at Cobb Galleria on November 14, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Paras Griffin/WireImage

Kim Zolciak shares twins announcement

Kim Zolciak has announced she “certainly wasn’t expecting twins” while sharing what appears to be a pregnancy scan. Alongside the post, the former Bravo star shared a link to a Celebuzz article.

The link is totally clickbait, as the article features celebrities who have announced pregnancies in 2024. It doesn’t even mention Zolciak and only features expecting stars, like Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Several reality TV stars have shared clickbait posts in the past, such as Teen Mom cast members, before sharing a ‘link in bio’ or direct link to a Celebuzz article. Fans are convinced they are paid for the posts.

It comes just months after Kim ended up posting a clickbait post and didn’t just receive backlash from the public. Her own daughter, Ariana Biermann, shared a video detailing “second-hand embarrassment”.

At the time, the former TV star had alleged her ex, Kroy Biermann, had died, which was not true. The post caused outrage, with fans saying it was a “new low” and suggesting she was only posting for the money.

One fan wrote, “Brb running over to TikTok to see if Ariana Biermann posted a second hand embarrassment video yet,” remembering how Kim’s daughter called her out last time.

Fans slam TV star for clickbait

Real Housewives fans are utterly baffled over Kim’s announcement. While some believed it, others immediately dismissed the post, remembering the false news she shared a few months ago.

One X user wrote, “This is the second time she’s posted this clickbait.”

Another said, “Kim… the coin can’t be that good.” A fellow fan reacted with, “Sis you can’t be this broke.”

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