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TV star drops 30lbs two months after taking medication despite being 'against it' at first

Mama June has undergone a rapid weight loss journey in just two months. She’s dropped a whopping 30lbs already after she began taking medication to help with weight loss, in April.

Reality TV star, Mama June Shannon, was “against” taking weight loss medication following her gastric sleeve years ago. However, her entire life has changed since she made the decision to take tirzepatide.

June Shannon attends
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Mama June drops 30lbs in two months

Mama June decided she wanted to get her weight back under control. She then started to take a weight loss drug, alongside sticking to a workout routine and adopting healthier eating habits.

“I probably lost 30 pounds in like eight and a half weeks,” she shared. Though, the quick drop in June’s weight has made her daughter, Efird, nervous about her mom using the drug.

She told Page Six, “I just feel like every other time mom has lost weight so quickly, she’s gained it back, plus more each time. You know? She didn’t eat right, she didn’t go to the gym.”

She was ‘against’ weight loss medication

Mama June first revealed her plan to start taking semaglutide for weight loss in April. But she was against it after getting gastric sleeve surgery, but is now in week nine of her weight loss journey.

She told Page Six, “You can ask the girls – I am so super strict,” but has been open about putting 1lb on recently. Mama June was “so mad at herself” because she feels she’s been working super hard.

June adopts ‘strict’ weekly routine

Mama June sticks to a protein-packed diet, such as yoghurts consisting of 25g of protein, so that she can stick to healthy eating. She also makes sure she attends the gym three or four times a week.

She “doesn’t really like bread and carbs” but is putting all of her energy into getting 100g of protein into her daily diet, alongside 80g carbs. However, the WE tv star recently changed it to 50g of protein.

After she gained 1lb, she remained motivated. “Now I got to go back down to like 40 or 50 grams of protein versus what they say:100 grams. I can’t do it. I’m like, I put on weight,” she continued.

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