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'TV show's 'toxic' reunion getting axed is the most backwards thing ever'

The Real Housewives of New Jersey wasn’t the first show of its kind. It’s preceded by the ladies of Orange County, Atlanta and New York City. But, there’s something about the New Jersey show that simply makes it iconic. News of the show potentially getting a reboot, or worse yet, being canceled, is circulating, and you may have to give me a minute as I wipe my tears.

Not only is there talk of The Real Housewives of New Jersey having some kind of revamp, the show’s “traditional” reunion is out the window. To make matters worse, the reason for the changes comes down to the cast “not liking” one another. Isn’t that the whole point of the reunion? For all the season’s venom to spew out in an open environment? For Andy Cohen to close his eyes in disbelief and attempt to shout over all the arguments?

(L-R) Jackie Goldschneider, Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga and Rachel Fuda attend the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Premiere on February...
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The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s ‘toxicity’

Lots of RHONJ fans – we can use that term loosely here – are quick to say the show became “too toxic” and deserves the plug being pulled.

But, isn’t there some kind of “toxicity” to all the reality TV shows many of us love? Vanderpump Rules arguably had one of the most toxic storylines going in season 10, and it only made the show more popular.

Other Real Housewives shows have had equally toxic scenes and storylines, including Salt Lake City’s Monica Garcia being involved with the Reality VonTease Instagram account. Though it may be a sad truth, I think the reason people love reality TV so much is because of its element of toxic behavior.

When it comes to the New Jersey ladies, its toxic scenes – which date back decades – are the reason it’s hailed “iconic.”

Brothers-in-law getting into a physical altercation at a christening, Teresa Giudice flipping a table seething with anger, and the Gorga and Giudice feud still ongoing – It all seems too wild to be true. But, that’s what makes great TV – otherwise, the show wouldn’t have been able to run so long.

It seems like people are happy to wave goodbye to RHONJ. But, it’s bizarre to me that when something has run for decades, there aren’t enough fans that enjoy watching it to keep it going.

Change some cast members

When it comes to RHONJ’s future, it seems its fate is hanging in the balance.

I’m hoping the show won’t be axed entirely, and I’m equally hopeful there won’t be a “reboot” like we saw with RHONY.

Surely the fact that LuAnn De Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan are still Bravo icons proves a reboot just doesn’t hit in the same way as the original cast members.

No, no one wants to hear shouting matches every episode of RHONJ, but if some of the baseball scenes were swapped out for something else, and perhaps one or two cast members changed, the show could have a new lease of life.

Over the years, RHONJ has given everything a reality TV producer would love to see, with many of its wild scenes sending ratings soaring.

Whether the show continues running or we wave goodbye to Teresa, Dolores Catania, and co, one thing’s for sure -they were never boring. The most boring move to come out of the show is the fact a juicy reunion won’t be held.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are the realest

The New Jersey gals can rest easy knowing they stayed true to themselves despite the show potentially going down the drain.

From Teresa doing jail time to Margaret Josephs and Dolores coming clean about Ozempic use, the Housewives on the New Jersey show love keeping it real.

Even the ongoing family feud on the show is kind of refreshing. Fans know the storyline hasn’t been constructed for TV, the cast members do really dislike one another that much.

Of course, that’s not a good thing, but at least they kept it real the whole time.

Even the developments of Jackie Goldschnieder becoming friends with Jennifer Aydin, and Jackie and Margaret becoming “enemies” are somewhat interesting because there’s an element of truth to it.

On other shows some cast members fall out and become besties days later, but with the New Jersey ladies, fans know their beef is genuine.

Dolores and Margaret had the biggest argument during season 14 and later made up. But, as everyone knows, Dolores isn’t going to end up as anyone’s enemy.

The cast members are so long-standing, it seems a shame to axe them and start again. For me, Dolores, Teresa, Margaret, and Jennifer give ‘OG’ vibes and their personalities deserve to keep shining on Bravo.

Who knows? Maybe a spin-off is in the works for Teresa and her daughters, as some fans speculate. But, personally, it wouldn’t be the same as having all the ladies filming together.


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