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Tana Mongeau’ Controversial Claim: Alleged Relationship with Cody Ko at 17

Internet sensation Tana Mongeau has stirred up a storm on her 2024 podcast tour, making a startling claim about her past relationship with fellow YouTuber Cody Ko. Mongeau, known for her candid storytime videos and her podcast ‘Cancelled’ launched in 2021, has never shied away from sharing personal anecdotes. However, her recent revelation has left fans and critics alike in shock.

During a segment of her podcast tour, Tana Mongeau found herself in the “hot seat,” answering rapid-fire questions. When asked about the least endowed of her previous partners, she named Cody Ko, adding, “I can say that, I was literally 17.” This statement implied that Mongeau and Ko, who was 25 at the time, had been involved when she was underage.

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The internet was quick to piece together the timeline, and the eight-year age gap between Mongeau and Ko sparked outrage and disappointment among fans. Comments ranged from “Damn and I liked Cody Ko but that’s actually horrifying” to calling Mongeau’s revelation “insane.”

The controversy also brought sympathy for Ko’s wife, Kelsey Kreppel. The couple, who got married in early 2023 and welcomed their first child in January 2024, found themselves in the midst of this unexpected storm.

As the segment gained traction on TikTok, other creators weighed in on the controversy. Ethan Klein, during an episode of the H3 Podcast, expressed his belief in Mongeau’s claim, remarking, “That’s a monster age gap.”

While rumors about Tana Mongeau and Cody Ko’s past relationship have circulated before, Mongeau’s claim about her age at the time has added a new dimension to the narrative. The controversy serves as a reminder of the complexities and potential pitfalls of public figures sharing their personal lives with their audience.


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