Survivor: Thailand Competitor Ghandia Johnson Looked Back On Arguably The Show's Darkest Chapter Roughly Two Decades Later


  • Survivor has faced controversies, like when Ghandia Johnson accused a tribemate of inappropriate behavior in Survivor: Thailand.
  • While Jeff Probst cares for the cast, the handling of Johnson’s situation was seen as minimizing her experience.
  • Ghandia Johnson is glad Survivor took action in cases of inappropriate conduct, leading to important rule changes for player safety.

Since Survivor has been wildly successful, the show’s producers have been able to force competitors to follow strict rules to play. Despite that, Survivor has a surprisingly long history of controversies. For example, Jeff Varner outed his tribemate and the first player to be seriously injured later was arrested in connection to horrible crimes.

Even though Jeff Probst has admitted he would be villainous if he was on the show, he seems to really care about the cast. With that in mind, it is shocking to look back at one of the show’s darkest chapters which took place during Survivor: Thailand.

This article will reveal what Ghandia Johnson said about being involved in one of Survivor’s worst moments two decades later. Then, the article will look at what Ghandia Johnson thought about how Survivor’s producers took action after a similar incident years later.

Survivor’s Ghandia Johnson Revealed How “Horrible” Being Involved In Survivor’s Darkest Chapter Was For Her

After four extremely successful seasons, Survivor: Thailand aired, and it is still remembered as one of the show’s worst seasons. One of the reasons for that is it included a dark series of events involving two players, Ghandia Johnson and Ted Rogers Jr.

During the first several episodes of the season, Johnson and Rogers Jr., who were both married to other people, seemed to be getting along great. Then, Johnson accused Rogers Jr. of trying to have intimate contact with her one night as they slept side by side.

In response to Johnson’s accusation, Rogers Jr. didn’t dispute that he tried to make intimate contact with her. However, Rogers Jr. claimed that he was still partially asleep when he made contact with Johnson, and he mistook her for his wife. Johnson quickly made it very clear that she didn’t believe Rogers Jr.’s explanation and, at one point she yelled in frustration and anger as she threw a stone into the ocean.

Survivor Thailand's Ghandia Johnson looking annoyed
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When Survivor: Thailand aired, the other Survivors and the show tried to downplay the situation and paint Johnson as unreasonable. During the season’s reunion, Johnson even notably apologized for making too much of the situation.

When Johnson was interviewed for an episode of “Rob Has a Podcast” in February 2021, she was open about how “horrible” her Survivor experience made her feel. Johnson told Rob Cesternino and Theresa “T-Bird” Cooper about how she felt at a viewing party with her family when the episode about her allegations first aired.

“We had watch parties. My dumb a**. We, we, we planned watch parties and I couldn’t say anything, you know, about what happened. I had to be quiet because I was under, you know, a restriction… And then, the week, the week that it happened, we’re at a watch party. So, it’s happening, where everybody’s seeing it for the first time, that, that whole scandal thing. So yeah, it happened. It was so horrible. It was horrible. It was really tense.”


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As a highly empathetic pair of podcasters listened, Johnson spoke more about watching that moment play out on television. Based on Johnson’s choice of words, there is no doubt that she and her loved ones found watching that moment extremely painful.

“It’s like the worst thing that you could ever imagine with your loved one. Right? And that this is happening, and you don’t know how it’s being edited. You’re seeing it for the first time too with them.”

At this point in the conversation, it seemed like Johnson may have realized people would be wondering why she still went forward with the party. Whether she did or not, Johnson went on to explain the mentality she had at the time.

“I felt an obligation to do that with my husband and I just went ahead with the watch party because I’m like, you did it. You did it so you might as well. Just watch it. Everybody should know. I felt like that was a part of me getting through the healing. Right? Wrong. I was wrong.”

Survivor Thailand's Ted Rogers Jr smiling
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At this point in the conversation, Rob Cesternino asked Johnson how she felt about how Survivor’s producers handled the situation. That inspired Johnson to express her opinion that the show edited the footage of the situation to maximize ratings.

Johnson then briefly spoke about how she almost didn’t bring up what happened on the island because she recognized it would blow up her game. Most importantly, Johnson went back to elaborate on how awful she felt on the island when she realized her husband would learn what happened.

“I just was so hurt and triggered from everything. Just, like, my husband’s gonna find out now because I went in the f**king confessional and I told. If I wouldn’t have said s**t in the confessional, then it wouldn’t have came out. But then, it would have still came out because it still f**king happened. You know, and it was, like horrible. It was really like the one, I can truly say that was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life.”


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At another point in the conversation, Johnson remarked that she “felt like [she] was dying. Just in a game way and in a real way. And, it was so, it was devastating for me. It was very devastating for me.”

While talking to Rob Cesternino and Theresa Cooper, Ghandia Johnson explained how she ultimately responded to her Survivor experience. According to Johnson, she chose to disappear from the Survivor community for years to protect herself.

As the conversation continued, Cesternino brought up how the men from Johnson’s tribe “worked to cover it up”. Cesternino then spoke about how he felt Jeff Probst seemed dismissive of the situation during Survivor: Thailand’s finale.

“I feel like they treated your situation almost like and Jeff [Probst] even says on the reunion show, ‘Hey, that’s what happens on Survivor.’ It was sort of like, ‘Oh, this is just the wacky stuff that happens on reality TV shows.’”

Survivor Thailand's Ghandia Johnson smiling
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In response to Cesternino’s comments, Johnson spoke about how she felt about how the reunion was handled. As Johnson explained, she believed Survivor’s producers decided before filming the reunion that they wanted to minimize the controversy, no matter how that affected her.

“I know what happened and for it to be minimalized to such a small degree as that and not knowing that that was going to be said at the reunion … there’s like no sensitivity to the s**t because it was already labeled, they already had it how they were gonna play it.”

Ghandia Johnson Was Happy Survivor Ejected A Player For Inappropriate Conduct And Adopted New Rules Years Later

During the 39th season of this show, which was titled Survivor: Island of the Idols, a player named Dan Spilo was ejected from the game. Spilo was removed from the game after several women accused him of inappropriate touching.


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Before Spilo was ejected from the game, he remained on the beach for several days with a fellow player who repeatedly made it clear he made her uncomfortable. That player, Kellee Kim, also expressed how uncomfortable she was to producers. However, Kim didn’t specifically ask for Spilo to be removed.

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In the aftermath of this incident, many viewers were outraged with Survivor’s producers. They pointed out that a player shouldn’t be responsible for deciding whether an inappropriate player should be ejected. After all, the player would obviously be scared to request a player get ejected since it could cause problems that would ruin their game.

After this incident, Survivor’s producers announced that there would be rule changes. One of those changes was that players would be trained that, “unwelcome physical contact, sexual harassment and impermissible biases cannot be brought into the competition”. Furthermore, Survivor’s producers pledged to rely on the experience of a third-party expert to make other rule changes.

Survivor Island of the Idols' Kellee Kim in a shelter
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During Ghandia Johnson’s aforementioned “Rob Has a Podcast” interview, Rob Cesternino explained these rules changes to her. After hearing how producers took action and reflecting on what she went through, Johnson expressed that she was happy future players would be better protected.

As Johnson explained to Cesternino, she believed that Survivor fans don’t want to see players having their lives “destroyed” because of misconduct. As a result, she felt Survivor’s producers were doing the right thing by making sure everyone is protected.