Stephen Colbert Sat In Silence After Julia Louis-Dreyfus Detailed Her "Composed" Near Death Experience


  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared a near-death experience on The Late Show, facing a 13-foot bull shark in the Bahamas.
  • Fans were surprised at Dreyfus’s reaction to her cancer diagnosis, initially laughing and then crying hysterically.
  • Dreyfus gained strength from a memory of facing a shark while swimming to help her through her cancer journey.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is all over the headlines these days. The 63-year-old is promoting yet another film, Tuesday. The extended interview received overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans. Dreyfus and Stephen Colbert discussed a wide range of topics, including her latest film Tuesday, and a certain unforgettable speech. In addition, the Seinfeld star discussed a certain horrifying incident that took place years ago alongside her husband, Brad Hall.

Fans kind of laughed at the tale, but it really was no laughing matter. We’re going to reveal what was said, and how Colbert reacted to Julia’s near-death experience.

In addition, we’ll take a closer look at other battles Julia faced throughout her life, which included her cancer diagnosis. We’ll reveal how Dreyfus reacted to the news initially, and how she mustered the courage to fight back.


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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Told Stephen Colbert She Was In The Water With A Shark Nearby

Julia Louis-Dreyfus made a pit-stop on The Late Show, promoting her latest project, Tuesday. Dreyfus admitted in other interviews that the film was “crushingly difficult” and brought her to “very painful places.”

During her interview with Colbert, Dreyfus touched on a variety of topics, which included a wild near-death experience. It seemed like Colbert and the audience weren’t ready for such a story. Fans laughed while Dreyfus told what took place, but there was certainly a small portion of the audience laughing.

Dreyfus gave the chilling details to Colbert, “I’ve had a number of altercations with animals. Years and years ago, Brad and I were on boat. We were in the Bahamas, and I was far away from the boat. All of a sudden, Brad says, ‘Jules, I don’t want you to panic, but there’s a shark in the water, and you need to come back now.’ I did, I just looked at that ladder of the boat, and tried not to panic. It was a 13-foot bull shark.”

Colbert interjects, “Bull sharks will eat you.”

Dreyfus then told another story about her time in Peru, and finding a Tarantula not only crawling on her, but on Brad’s back as well.


Stephen Colbert Was Fighting Back Tears During The Late Show’s Most Emotional Outro Ever

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  • As expected, fans loved every minute of the story, and the fact that Colbert’s interview with the star was extra long.
  • “I’m so glad Stephen gave such a long interview. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is possibly one of the best comedic actors ever ever *ever*. Her performance in Veep was beyond everything.”
  • “I wish JLD would come back more frequently, even without a project to talk about. ‘Swimming with Sharks’ sounds fascinating. I am hoping they did a ‘Questionert’ off on the side, to be be shown on another date.”

Clearly, fans want to see more out of the actress. The interview was one to remember.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Admitted To Laughing When She First Learned About Her Cancer Diagnosis

Back in the fall of 2017, Julia Louis-Dreyfus found out about her cancer diagnosis. We can imagine how tough that was. However, Dreyfus says her initial reaction was laughter.

“I mean, it felt like it was written. It felt like it was a horrible black comedy.” However, soon after, the Seinfeld star was overcome with sadness. “And then it sort of morphed into crying hysterically. You just simply don’t consider it for yourself, you know, that’s sort of the arrogance of human beings. But of course, at some point, we’re all going to bite it.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the red carpet
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During her chemo, the actress relied on a memory to gain strength. Cancer changed Dreyfus.

  • “I’ve said it before, but many, many years ago, I was on a boat with my husband. I was swimming in the water. He came to the bow of the boat and he said, ‘Jules, I don’t want you to panic, but there’s a shark in the water, so you need to come back.’ And I was far away from the boat,” she explained.
  • “And so, I just saw the ladder and I started swimming towards it, and I made the decision not to look around me at all. I was just going to stay looking at the ladder. And that very much applied to how I got through my cancer adventure — was sort of looking at the ladder. Just let’s get this done, let’s get there.”

Since the diagnosis, Dreyfus admits she started living her life and is enjoying it as much as possible.