“Steeze must be maintained”- Netizens react as a cobbler, tailor, and first aid kit are made available at Davido’s wedding

Davido has often been referred to as a man of the people, and he stuck to that name even on his wedding.

Nigerians we’re undoubtedly impressed as a video surfaced the internet of a cobbler, tailor, and first aid kit was made available at Davido’s wedding venue.

The aforementioned service providers were situate close to the entrance of the wedding venue for the comfort of the guests.

While this may not be a new practice at weddings, netizens seemed really impressed, and here are some of their reactions;

shamol_experience wrote, “I’m happy Event Emergency is getting the recognition they deserve”

diamond.nancy wrote, “Na my highlight be this cos what ????”

ladhidh_ceo wrote, “Na Funke Buknor work be that. She provides all that services at her events”

sandylopezgifts_souvenirs wrote, “This is very thoughtful and I know someone who offers this services strictly for events.”

callme_oma wrote, “Even emergency responses team because happiness fit faint some people today. Wedding of the century”

ivoreov wrote, “STEEZE must be maintained. Nothing go spoil. Enjoyment must wound una today”

adekemisola_mi wrote, “na to gum just smal side for 500k”

peshy25 wrote, “From providing masseuses at her bridal relaxation Soitre to having emergency response on ground is such a great concept.”

rutayisire_1206 wrote, “Taking notes for my own”

slaycar_accessories wrote, “During my brother-in-law wedding Omo my skirt tore very embarrassing area, my sister in-law the same issue her blouse, we drove to festac looking for tailor & undressing before strangers”

prettydivamakeover wrote, “Awwww so thoughtful o. Cos these things happens”

marimarsclothing_and _asooke wrote, “If rain spoil shoe David gat you”

quin_lizzi11 wrote, “Shoemaker very important, cuz dem must match person slippers cut”

nikelgrace_ wrote, “So thoughtful ooo because plenty movement go occur…no shout out to the event planner”

pejuprince wrote, “Especially for our corset ladies, in case zip tear”

weddingsinportharcourt wrote, “Thank you so much for the Repost. God Bless you Greatly for us.”

matildapopes wrote, “Incase vour heels shift one side and your zip decides to disgrace you when you don over chop”

symply_kumi wrote, “They go make an today”

that_fine_wine wrote, “Wow event emergency.. this is so thoughtful”

africantraditionalhair wrote, “Zapphire Events”

iam.amakah wrote, “Who else read the caption on the shoe maker’s kit?!”