Speculations trails Actress Oma Nnadi ‘very plain’ birthday message to her husband

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Oma Nnadi has caused speculation with her birthday message to her husband, Noni Ken.

Instead of the usual romantic and lengthy post, Oma simply wished him a happy birthday on her Instagram page, accompanied by old pictures of him.

“Happy Birthday to you @noni_ken_”, she wrote.

This has led to some people wondering if there are issues in their marriage.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Jennifer Dikke wrote, “This birthday caption be like say na forcefully. Happy birthday to him

Ekeoma Beauty9 wrote, “Before u use to write epistle for his birthday and add it with poem and chorus and sweet melodies of song. Pls what’s d problem?

Real Cynthia Anuri wrote, “Lol, no long talk

Jeci Sylvia wrote, “Which one is happy birthday to you. Which kind birthday wish be this for someone you call ur husband. Inukwam

Mirabel Joseph wrote, “Wahala. Hope is not what I’m thinking of? Anyway, happy birthday to him