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School calendar: How long are the June holidays?

The June holidays for the 2024 school year are not just a break, but an extended period of relaxation and exploration, offering a much-needed respite for learners nationwide.

Commencing on 14 June and concluding on  8 July, this three-week break is a golden opportunity for learners to unwind and engage in a variety of enriching activities.

Here is the school calendar:

  • Term 1: 17 January – 20 March
  • Term 2: 3 April – 14 June
  • Term 3: 9 July – 20 September
  • Term 4: 1 October – 11 December

According to a report by BusinessTech, the 2024 school year encompasses 203 school days spread across these four terms.

Of these, 26 days are set aside for school holidays, strategically placed to ensure students have adequate opportunities to recharge throughout the year.

There have been significant changes in the school start and end dates.

The Basic Education Department has now mandated that all public schools nationwide start and end their terms simultaneously, eliminating the previous disparity.

The National Department of Basic Education made all schools start and end their terms simultaneously.

“This year, we have elections. We don’t know when they’ll happen. So, we want to be careful and have all schools open and close together. This way, schools can be used for voting.”


  • Monday, 1 January: New Year’s Day – Passed
  • Thursday, 21 March: Human Rights Day – Passed
  • Friday, 29 March: Good Friday – Passed
  • Monday, 1 April: Family Day – Passed
  • Saturday, 27 April: Freedom Day – Passed
  • Wednesday, 1 May: Workers’ Day – Passed
  • Wednesday, 29 May: Voting Day – Passed
  • Sunday, 16 June: Youth Day
  • Monday, 17 June: Public holiday Youth Day observed
  • Friday, 9 August: National Women’s Day
  • Tuesday, 24 September: Heritage Day
  • Monday, 16 December: Day of Reconciliation
  • Wednesday, 25 December: Christmas Day
  • Thursday, 26 December: Day of Goodwill

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