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Rape survivors speak out at march against GBVF

The Miss Influence South Africa non-profit company and its partners hosted a march in central Pretoria on June 21 against Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF), as well as to commemorate Youth Month.

The march started from Sammy Marks Square and proceeded to Church Square.

The speakers included Kamohelo Kokela, Miss Influence South Africa Ambassador, who shared her personal story as a rape survivor.

Miss Influence South Africa ambassadors and partners marching against gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF). Photo: Supplied
Miss Influence South Africa ambassadors and partners marching against gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF). Photo: Supplied

Kokela spoke about the effects of rape, and how it affects the victim emotionally and mentally.

Speakers from the SAPS spoke about the legal procedures and steps that a victim of abuse needs to take to find justice. They educated the audience about the divisions and departments that work with the police to help GBVF victims.

“We are saying no to crime and we are saying no to abuse. We want to tell people to feel free to come to the police station, don’t undermine yourself and don’t think that we will chase you away,” said Constable Sibongile Vuma of the Pretoria West police.

“There is no minor crime, no woman must be abused and no man must be abused. Report, no matter what, report,” she urged.

“We will be there for you and we will investigate. Our duty is to protect and serve all communities in South Africa, just know that SAPS is behind you. We have role players at the police stations that deal with different cases. If you feel that you can’t speak out, just know that there are people in the police station who are trained in GBV cases that will help you,” Vuma said.

Sergeant Koketso Mmadi of the Pretoria Central Social Crime Prevention Unit said the march was only the beginning of the train the GBVF ambassadors will run through the metro.

“We are saying to the people that actions speak louder than words, we cannot always just talk about GBV and not act on it. We want to be the example and say to these young kids that they must go out there and be the ambassadors against GBV.

“We’re going to go out there and advocate against it, we’re going to go out there and dance, sing and spread the message that what matters is your life and that women and children in this country must be safe,” Mmadi said.

Katlego Masenya, a representative from the Men Feelings Matter organisation, spoke about how men’s rights need to be projected. According to her, most men who experience emotional abuse remain quiet about it. She spoke about how important it is for the communities to come together as one and love one another.

“The march was a success. We had a great turnout in terms of numbers. It was regarded as a first stepping stone towards the August 9 Women’s March which will be held in Pretoria CBD,” said Pastor Clement Chauke, Miss Influence South Africa marketing director.


Kamohelo Kokela, Miss Influence South Africa Ambassador marching against GBVF



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