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Pregnant TV star celebrates life years after being kicked out by mom at 16

Unexpected’s Myrka may have had a rocky start in motherhood. But, these days she appears to be happier than ever as she and her partner, Juan, share exciting news with their thousands of followers.

When Unexpected fans first met Myrka Cantu she was 16 years old and about to become a mom for the first time. The season 4 star was in a relationship with her then-partner, Ethan Ybarra, whose parents were supportive of the pregnancy. Myrka’s mom, however, kicked her out of the house following her baby news. Nowadays, she’s in a new relationship with Juan and is “celebrating life” years on from the TLC show.

Unexpected’s Myrka and Juan

Throwing it back to 2020 and Myrka was a 16-year-old cast member on TLC’s Unexpected.

Fans saw heartbreaking scenes from season 4 play out as Myrka wished her mom was driving her to the hospital for her baby’s birth.

Nowadays, fans are quick to call the relationship between Myrka and her mother “toxic,” per a Reddit thread.

She shared on Instagram that the two were no longer in contact last year.

As of last year, Myrka is reportedly now married to husband Juan, per Celeb Buzz.

TLC star ‘celebrates life’

Following their time on Unexpected, Myrka and her ex, Ethan, didn’t stay together.

She met a new partner, Juan, and the two welcomed their first child together last year.

Myrka is now 20 and announces that she and Juan are welcoming their second baby together.

In a sweet Instagram slider of photos, she reveals a baby scan while hugging her partner.

The former TLCs star writes in the post caption: “Celebrating life, love, and a little bump! GRACIAS DIOS.”

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple on their adorable announcement. While some lost track of Myrka’s family dynamics, writing: “Is this the second or third baby? I just forget how many she had while on the show.”

Some people replied, commenting: “This will be her third but second baby with him”

And more shared positive messages, writing: “Congratulations love, you’re an amazing mom.”

Others said they “had a feeling” the star had some exciting news to reveal as they thought she was appearing on TikTok less than usual.

Myrka is already mom to Attalie and Axelia, and it looks like the couple’s new baby will be arriving soon!

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