PlayDoge Goes Multichain to Enable Staking on BNB and ETH Chains

PlayDoge (PLAY) recently announced that it has gone multichain, even though it is still in presale. The project decided to expand its staking functionality, which now operates on two blockchains.

PlayDoge Staking and Presale

PlayDoge announced that it had big news to share on X — an expansion of its staking feature. The project decided to make staking available on both BNB and ETH chains to allow even more users to earn rewards by staking PLAY tokens.

Users should note that staking rewards will likely vary from chain to chain, but even so, this is a great opportunity to earn extra rewards by staking $PLAY tokens. Of course, in order to do it, users must first obtain them, and until PlayDoge’s game comes out, the only way to do so is to join the presale.

PlayDoge’s presale launched less than two weeks ago, only to immediately blow up. In only about 12 days, it managed to raise over $3.5 million, all while selling $PLAY tokens for $0.00505 apiece.


The tokens are available in exchange for BNB, ETH, and USDT, but investors can also buy them with their credit or debit cards. The project saw great popularity, especially among millennial investors.

The reason for this is that PlayDoge offers a mobile P2E game that was based on a highly popular toy from the 90s, the Tamagotchi, which granted users to take care of a digital pet that they could train, feed, and play with. PlayDoge does the same, only your pet is now a 2D digital Doge, which you can carry around on your phone wherever you go.

So, all those who have fond memories of the toy are now rushing to invest into the project and stake their tokens upon buying them to start accumulating rewards as early as possible. So far, over 40.2 million PLAY tokens have been staked, with the figure rising every day.

A 10x Potential Project

But, $PLAY is not as popular as it is only because of the 90s nostalgia. Instead, the project combines some of the most successful industries, including gaming, memes, and Play-To-Earn, each of which is expected to see massive growth in years to come. 

A project that combines all three is growing as well, due to its own potential and the potential of each of these three industries.


As of the time of writing, June 10, the PlayDoge game is not out yet, but it is expected very soon, according to the developers. Once it comes out, users will be able to take care of their pets and earn $PLAY tokens by completing various mini-games in the app. 

The project’s potential is massive, to the point where even crypto experts like YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury believe that it has 10x potential and that it will blow up after going live. 

In the meantime, users can buy and stake $PLAY tokens to start earning rewards before the project even launches, and thanks to the new development, staking is now a multi-chain feature.