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Old pics of TV star 'unrecognizable' as fans 'wouldn't know it's same person'

Old pictures of Love Island contestant, Harriett, have been discovered by fans. She features in a friend’s YouTube channel, but it was how different she looks that caught everyone off guard.

Saffron Barker is a YouTuber whose close friends with Love Island star, Harriett Blackmore. An old picture of her before she underwent filler has been found, leaving viewers “so sad” about the difference.

Harriett smiles with two orange drinks in front of her on Love Island.
Credit: ITV Plc/Love Island

Old pics of Harriett discovered online

Harriett was featured in some old videos on Saffron Barker’s YouTube channel. Five years ago, Love Island fans noticed a clear difference, with her lips noticeably less plump.

Her natural lips saw viewers do a double-take as she posed at a dinner table, with Saffron, introducing her high school mates by name. One Reddit user also shared a smiling photo of her lying down.

She often wears thick black eyelash extensions and also appears to have hair extensions. In the old video, Harriett still seems to have both extensions, but looks very different according to fans.

‘Wouldn’t know it’s same person’

Love Island fans are saying it’s “so sad” how different Harriett looks just five years ago. One fan wrote, “Wow, I can tell it’s her but it looks like it was from 10+ years ago, not just five.”

They added, “She looks really pretty and natural here, it’s a shame she’s had so much work done on her face when it was already nice before.” Another penned, “Harriett five years ago. She was so gorgeous.”

“It’s crazy she looks even more gorgeous in that video. Laughing and smiling, it’s such a shame what she’s done to her face tbh. She was stunning,” said a fellow ITV viewer.


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