Now or Never: The Last Day of Sealana’s Presale Has Arrived

Sealana (SEAL) presale has reached the end of the road. After over two months in presale, the project is finally about to close its ICO with over $5 million raised.

What Do You Need To Know About Sealana’s ICO?

According to the project’s recent announcement, the Sealana ICO is about to end tomorrow, June 25, at 6 p.m. UTC.

In other words, anyone wishing to join the presale before its end has only a few more hours to do it. Whether or not you should do it is something that everyone needs to decide on their own. However, it is worth noting that the project and its presale have been surrounded by hype and massive community support.

As mentioned, Sealana has raised over $5 million, which already qualifies it to join the group of most successful presales in Solana’s meme coin sector. The project has more than 12k followers on X, so there is no lack of support and demand for the token.


The token itself sells for $0.022, having a fixed price throughout the ICO. Anyone still looking to buy the SEAL token can do so with SOL, USDT, BNB, ETH, or their credit/debit card. 

After the presale ends, Sealana intends to distribute the purchased meme coins soon after. With that said, buyers should keep a close eye on its website and social media accounts to see when the distribution will start. 

Does Sealana Have Real Potential?

One interesting thing about Sealana is that it never promised anything to its community. It never claimed that the price of its token would skyrocket, and it never offered utility or features like staking, P2E, or anything of the sort.

This is a simple meme coin project that went back to the roots of what it means to be a meme coin. In other words, its token doesn’t do anything other than provide you with a fun, humorous cryptocurrency to diversify your investment portfolio.

In that regard, Sealana is not too different from the original Dogecoin, which also emerged with no promises, simply as a joke, and was never intended to stick around for more than a few weeks.


More than a decade later, DOGE is still the largest meme coin and one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the industry. While Sealana will enter a very large and developed meme coin market and is far from being as revolutionary as Dogecoin, its simplicity and return to the basics have been appreciated by the meme coin community, especially those who find most current meme coins highly technologically-advanced and complex.

If you count yourself among them, or if you believe that the new SEAL coin has the potential to blow up when it goes live in a few days, you still have a few more hours to join its ICO before it officially ends.