Nollywood actress Efe Irele reportedly ties the knot politician as 2nd wife

A recent report by blogger Cutie stated that Nollywood actress Efe Irele is married to Nigerian politician Akin Alabi as his second wife.

They were in a relationship before getting married, and it was rumored that he bought her a house and cars.

Despite no official statement from the actress, fans have noticed her wearing a diamond wedding band. On her social media, there are photos of her proudly showing off the ring.

Cutie shared this gossip on Instagram, Ha! I’m surprised I’m getting messages about “who is Eve married to as second wife?”

So most of you didn’t know she is married to Akin Alabi as his 2nd wife?

Akin Alabi is the founder of Naira Bet. Very wealthy young politician.

I learnt he recently even sold his shares in his betting company and made more billions.

Yes Efe is sitting pretty in money as 2nd wife.

Even when she was just his girlfriend, he bought her a house and cars so now that she is 2nd wife, the money go long.”