Nigerian lady who confessed to sleeping with dogs, commits suicide

A young lady who went viral after admitting to engaging in sexual activities with her dogs has committed suicide.

The lady while featuring in a podcast episode hosted by Nollywood actress, Abiola Adebayo, recounted  how past trauma, detailing various instances of molestation resulted to an unhealthy addiction.

Her face was blurred throughout the podcast episode.

The woman shared, “When I was in school, in my room I would lock my room and called my two dogs to lick my private parts. I would start crying afterwards and start cursing myself. I was not attracted to any man.”

Speaking days after the interview, Adebayo  in a short video on her official Instagram page on Saturday, revealed the news that the woman had taken her own life.

Through tears, Adebayo said, “For the first time in my life, I feel like a failure. Nike died. The lady I just interviewed who said she slept with dogs committed suicide. People heard her story. They abused me. They said we formulated the story that they are not real. I gave her a listening ear, but she didn’t tell me she was going to die.

“She committed suicide. I sent her number to therapists. I didn’t know she was going to commit suicide.”