Nigeria, Benin Republic agree on single-entry declaration form for border crossing

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has announced that Nigeria and Benin Republic have reached an agreement to implement a single-entry declaration form for border crossings between the two countries.

Mr. Iheanacho Earnest-Ojike, the Kebbi Area Controller of NCS, revealed this after a closed-door meeting between NCS officials and representatives from Benin Republic held in Anguwar Sule Wara, a border town in Benin Republic, on Sunday.

During the briefing to the press, Earnest-Ojike recounted that this decision follows a prior meeting on May 21, where the Foreign Ministers of Nigeria and Benin Republic convened to discuss bilateral matters aimed at enhancing the smooth flow of trade and commerce between the two nations.

He said, The meeting aimed at bringing the border crossing between Tsamiya in Nigeria and Anguwar Sule Wata in Benin Republic back to live through infrastructural development in line with renewed hope initiative of President Bola Tinubu.”

“The meeting was also to strengthen social and economic interaction as well as expand trade and commerce between the citizens of the two countries,”

He stated, “The meeting now is in continuation and final agreement to the previous one, as we have now agreed to have a single-entry declaration form that citizens of both countries will use for border crossing.”

He reiterated, “Both countries are signatories to World Trade Organisation (WTO) and World Customs Organisation (WCO), which have the principles of border post.”

Earnest-Ojike further explained that the two countries would establish a joint border agency inspection for goods and persons, asserting, “it is going to be one-stop border post at the Segbana border.”

The controller expressed optimism that the agreement reached would advance the course of regional integration between Nigeria and Benin Republic.

What you should know

Earlier in December 2023, the President of Benin Republic, Patrice Talon during his visit to Nigeria resolved to strengthen the free flow of business across the border for the benefit of citizens and residents.

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tugar, highlighted that the meeting was initiated by the Presidents of Nigeria and Benin, Bola Tinubu and Patrice Talon, respectively. It was spearheaded by the Foreign Affairs Ministers along with other high-ranking government officials from both nations.
  • Yusuf Tuggar, Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that the consultative forum was convened at the behest of Presidents Bola Tinubu and Patrice Talon to bolster social and economic interaction and to broaden trade and commerce between the two countries.
  • The Nigerian Customs Service and its Benin counterpart have been holding talks since the beginning of the year on aimed at bringing the border crossing between Tsamiya in Nigeria and Anguwar Sule Wara in Benin Republic back to life through infrastructural development.

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