Nick Cannon Reportedly Insured His T*sticles For $10 Million

Nick Cannon, who is father to 12 children, revealed he has taken out $10 million insurance policy on his testicles.

Cannon says he insured his private area based on “size, favorite features and bedroom maneuvers” using Dr. Squatch’s Ball Valuation Tool.

“Haters say it’s time for me to stop having kids and put this super sperm to rest, but I’m doubling down on these valuable balls and my future kids. Shoutout to Dr. Squatch for giving my balls the credit they deserve and hooking me up with the protection I need to keep this family tree rolling!” said Nick.

Cannon previously shared that during the pandemic, several of his baby mamas expressed they wanted to have a baby because their biological clock was running out.

“A lot of them are in the same age group. And I just wanted to give them what they desired. I kept saying, ‘I can handle it,’” he confessed. “[As a man] who’s made his bones, you’re not looking to give half of what you built to someone you don’t even know,” he said.

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