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Netflix star spills on how he randomly began 'vibing' with co-star while cooking

Perfect Match viewers were baffled when it appeared Chris and Tolu randomly fancied each other. Luckily, he has now explained the moments leading to their flirtatious, sudden connection.

Chris and Tolu would often cook and clean in the kitchen together, while starring on Perfect Match hoping to find love. The Netflix star is reminding fans how reality TV doesn’t show you the BTS.

Tolu and Chris look to left while hugging and holding onto ball on beach on Perfect Match.
Credit: Netflix/Perfect Match

Chris and Tolu ‘vibed’ while cooking

After Dom’s departure, Chris and Tolú’s budding romance, which began as a strong friendship in the previous episodes, heats up. However, how sudden it all happened had fans questioning it.

At first, they were just friends, and then Tolú dared Chris to do a lap dance with the girl he fancied most and he picked her. But it actually all began in the kitchen, as he’d always cook at the same time as her.

Addressing how viewers thought he only chose her as she was vulnerable, he told TikTok fans, “We built up some chemistry and that’s when I started to think, hmm, there could be something here.”

He sends reminder to viewers

Chris wanted to remind Perfect Match viewers that things aren’t always as they seem on reality TV. Although he admits they “built up that little vibe together,” the series “didn’t show a few moments”.

He explained that moments where they “got a little flirtatious” weren’t aired, which is why everyone thinks their bond just came out of nowhere. “They don’t show you everything that goes on,” he added.

Chris “made his move onto Lu” but, as of right now, the two haven’t revealed anything on their social media to suggest what their relationship statuses are. One huge clue is he still calls her by nickname…

Perfect Match duo totally hit it off

Chris and Tolu may have vibed on Perfect Match, but as he said he “fancied her the most at that time,” he appears to be talking about his co-star in the past tense. On the show though, they’re together.

He got sent on a date with Too Hot to Handle‘s Melinda Melrose and considered switching matches. However, in the most recent episode, Chris and Tolú chose to pair up for another night.


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