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Netflix fans debunk kissing scandal as star upholds smooching claim months later

Melinda claimed multiple times that Harry kissed her on Perfect Match. He denies the entire thing, but Netflix fans are now debunking the entire scandal, with most taking Melinda’s side.

As Melinda watched the Perfect Match episodes back at home, she refused to back down from her claim she and Harry kissed while he was still in a relationship with Jessica Vestal.

Harry Jowsey sits in bed with yellow duvet wrapped around him, while topless, holding palms out on Perfect Match.
Credit: Netflix/Perfect Match

Melinda claims Harry kissed her

During episode 8 of Perfect Match season 2, Melinda Berry made a claim that Harry kissed her three times. It wasn’t caught on camera other than a clip of Harry carrying her to the bathroom twice.

Jess, who is in a relationship with Harry, asked Melinda if she’s proud of herself and how she feels about who she is. She then told her that she felt embarrassed by Melinda’s actions.

It’s his word against hers – but Melinda was sent home during episode 7. Holly backed up Melinda’s claims, as she was the first to say they kissed, and was chatting to Justin next to the alleged incident.

Harry denies smooching Melinda

Harry has denied kissing Melinda. When she brought it up, he laughed and walked away. Stevan and Justin both say they didn’t see anything, while Harry claims Melinda is making it up to boost fame.

“No one saw it,” he tells the group. “That was fake news. I did not kiss her. Where’s the video evidence?” Harry later told Jessica he was too playful during the boys’ party and carried Melinda to the toilet.

He accuses Melinda of trying to lie about what happened earlier in the day. Jessica didn’t believe him at first but eventually forgives him, and Harry tells Dom Melinda initiated the kiss, but he turned away.

“Wow. Wow. Oh, I cannot wait for the truth to come out. Oh, God,” Melinda said on her Instagram Story on June 14, maintaining her claims that Harry smooched her.

Perfect Match fans debunk scandal

Perfect Match viewers are so confused over the kissing scandal, but most seemingly think Melinda is being honest. This comes despite Harry denying the claims again and again.

A fan wrote, “I absolutely think Harry kissed her but I feel like some of the other stuff Melinda was sharing was a bit of a lie,” while another penned, “Idk how much of what Melinda is saying is true, but he’s lying.

“I mean they were going to the bathroom, so it makes sense? Like it would be so easy for Harry to get away with slyly kissing her in an area where cameras couldn’t go,” said a viewer.


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