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Netflix couple 'giving Kourt and Travis' but long distance poses major issue

Stevan and Alara developed a cute connection on Perfect Match. They’re now “giving Kourt and Travis” and fans are just hoping they’ll stay together when it comes to the real world.

With Stevan from California and Alara from Wales, there’s many miles in-between them. But Perfect Match gave them the ideal opportunity to develop a romance in a gorgeous, sunny location.

Stevan holds arm around Alara, who looks shocked, both looking to right on Perfect Match.
Credit: Netflix/Perfect Match

Stevan and Alara develop connection

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri are one of the strongest couples on Perfect Match after connecting on episode 3. They won the challenge in episode 6 for the prize of a date and trip to the Boardroom.

He chose Alara at the end of Perfect Match season 2 episode 7, after he was sent on a date with Brittan. In the first few eps, he said he really liked her and wanted to see where their relationship could go.

By the end of episode 9, Alara declared she and Stevan had the “strongest connection in the villa.” Stevan told her, “I couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else.”

They’re ‘giving Kourt and Travis’

With their constant PDA, fans are convinced they’re the new Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. One fan wrote on Reddit, “YES this is all I could think as soon as I saw their first date.”

A viewer said they are the “great value version” of the celebrity couple, while one agreeing watcher said “100%.” Even their matching outfits were cuter than ever!

Long distance poses big issue

Stevan and Alara live in completely different countries, which poses a major issue in the real world. They haven’t posted any pictures together on social media since the show, either.

Everyone seemingly believes they’ll win the Netflix show but aren’t convinced they’ll last. Alara follows Stevan on Instagram, but Stevan still needs to follow her back.


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