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“Needs to be suspended with no pay” – UFC 304 underwhelming poster featuring Leon, Belal, Aspinall, and Blaydes leaves fans furious

Belal Muhammad, Leon Edwards, Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall feature on latest UFC 304 poster (Image via Imago)

UFC 304 has a stellar fight card boasting big names and two UFC champions. The PPV event in Manchester recently had its poster unveiled. The poster in question features UFC stars Leon Edwards, Belal Muhammad, Tom Aspinall, and Curtis Blaydes. However, the design has come under fire from the fans due to its lack of creativity.

The design of the poster remains negatively received by the MMA community. The poster does not even contain a UK flag despite hosting the PPV. Moreover, fans felt it came off as lacking any special features, including highlighting home country fighters such as Leon Edwards or Tom Aspinall. The polarising poster problem happened for UFC 300 as well, and it appears that the poster problem exists even now.

UFC 304 already faced negative publicity because it was timing it to benefit the American audience rather than the local crowd. It also attracted criticism from hometown favorite Tom Aspinall. Despite having stellar fights such as Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad and Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes, the fans remain unhappy. The timing debacle and poster debacle have not helped at all.

Top stars such as Edwards, Aspinall, Muhammad, and Blaydes have yet to complain about the poster. However, Aspinall complained about the PPV starting time not benefiting the local UK crowd in any way. Nevertheless, the UFC brass ignored the complaints rather than fix the timing issue. As such, one can expect the UFC to ignore the PPV poster problem as well. Nevertheless, fans will not back down from letting their feelings known.

Fans react to the latest UFC 304 poster on X

People on social media caught on to the building uproar against the UFC 304 poster and were unhappy about it. Netizens flocked to the comment sections on social media and put Dana White and the UFC on blast for designing the awkward poster.

Fans put Dana White under fire for awkward UFC 304 posterFans put Dana White under fire for awkward UFC 304 poster
Fans put Dana White under fire for awkward UFC 304 poster (Image via Imago)

Here are some of the reactions from X:

A common sentiment throughout the comment sections was that the UFC 304 poster was among the worst. People are not happy with the way the poster came out. One user asked if Dana White had made the poster using Microsoft 365. Another user wrote that whoever signed the poster for release needed to be suspended without pay. UFC can expect more backlash if the poster for PPV events continues to underwhelm.

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