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Multi-millionaire keeps 'tacky' tag on Kim Kardashian dress for one reason

From Ladies of London to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Stanbury has been coming through as a reality star for years. The daughter of big names in the business and fashion world, Caroline spent her career as a personal stylist and stacked millions in the process. Despite all her riches, she shares why she keeps the tag on her Kim Kardashian dress.

Caroline Stanbury’s fans are here for her facelift this June, but many are raising an eyebrow at one of her confessional looks. The 48-year-old reality TV star has people saying she looks “half her age” these days. But, she still struggles with the age gap between herself and her husband, 29, as she “wants to stop mothering him” on The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Caroline Stanbury’s Kim Kardashian dress

During The Real Housewives of Dubai season 2, Caroline Stanbury can be seen looking stunning in all kinds of striking confessional looks.

One of them has become the topic of chat on X (Twitter) as fans question why Caroline still wears the tag on her leopard-print dress.

The TV star wears her blond hair in an updo with Dolce and Gabbana earrings and the high neck dress during the Bravo show.

Caroline explains why she’s wearing a tag

Replying to a fan who asked: “And why does Stanbury have a tag on?”, the RHODubai star said: “lol it’s the kim k collection that’s the label if i take that off its worthless.”

The multi-millionaire confirms in further comments on the thread that the piece is from Kim’s collaboration with D&G.

Some fans didn’t seem impressed with the look commenting: “It does look out of place tho Caro maybe a nice chunky bracelet or a watch?” and “I simply wouldn’t buy it.”

However, other’s said the star “looks great.”

Caroline has a hefty net worth of $30 million which ranks her as the richest of the Real Housewives on the show, per Celebrity Net Worth.


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