Media Personality Maria Adopts 19-Year-Old Artist She Met on Facebook

Maria Ude Nwachi, a former Ebonyi lawmaker who is now a media personality, has officially adopted a 19-year-old artist named Emeka Samuel Ndudi as her son.

Maria, who comes from Ozizza community in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, confirmed that Samuel’s adoption is official and that she will be responsible for his welfare.

“…Yes ooo, this is Facebook adoption ooo. The real deal ooo. I have many I call sons here, but this is official. This post is my adoption papers. You are all my witnesses. I pledge to be responsible for his education, accommodation, food, medicals, clothes, and general welfare, Maria wrote.

Maria explained that she discovered Samuel’s artwork in September 2023 and was amazed by it. She was surprised to learn that his father had just passed away.

Maria decided to support Samuel by giving him a monthly allowance. She shared a heartfelt post on Facebook, praising Samuel’s talent and mentioning that she felt a connection with him as they both share the experience of being orphans.

“…Ndudi and I have something in common, we are both orphans. I am a childhood orphan as I lost my dad at age 2 and my mom at age 13. He lost his mom years ago before losing his dad last year. Being an orphan means you are on your own on this earth. The reality is not funny. But today Ndudi has me, a mother, who will love and care for him always.”

Maria credited Samuel’s account with N200k and called on Facebook users to be witnesses to her adoption.

Reacting to his adopted mum’s post announcing her decision concerning him, Samuel appreciated the media personality.

He wrote in the comment section: “Grace found me❤️Thank you Mummy Maria Ude Nwachi .”