Man Convicted Of Headbutting Man U Legend


A Forty-three-year-old man was convicted yesterday for headbutting former Manchester United captain, Roy Keane, following a Premier League match.

Scott Law was found guilty of assault following a trial at Highbury Magistrates’ Court. The incident took place on Sept 3, 2023 after Arsenal’s 3-1 win over United at the Emirates.

The television pundit was forcefully headbutted near doors at the Emirates while on his way to complete the match analysis after a United goal was disallowed towards the end of the game. Keane suffered further bruising to his left arm.

Former Manchester United midfielder, Roy Keane, was attacked before completing his match analysis for the game against Arsenal.

“This gratuitous and senseless act of violence was completely unacceptable,” Kevin Christie, Crown Prosecution Service, London North Football Lead Prosecutor, said on Thursday.

“When anyone attends a football match, either to work or to support a team, they should be able to feel safe and secure in that environment.

“The Crown Prosecution Service works in close partnership with the police to ensure that all perpetrators of violence at football grounds are brought to justice,” she added.

The defence team accused Keane of elbowing Law in the face, citing CCTV footage from inside the stadium.

However, the Metropolitan Police’s Detective Constable, Phil Dickinson, who was in charge of the case, said, “There may have been contact, but it does not look like a deliberate elbow to the face in my opinion.”