Lil Woody Admits He Was “Making Up Stories” In His Police Interviews

Lil Woody, whose police interviews went viral last year for snitching on Young Thug and the YSL crew, claims he was just making up stories.

“I don’t remember what I done told the police,” he said in court as he struggled to answer the prosecutors questions.

“Let me ask you this: Are you just saying ‘yes’ now to speed up your questioning?”” the prosecutor asked him.

He replied, “Most definitely. I keep telling you I don’t remember, you keep asking me questions so I’m just saying, ‘Yes.’”

Woddy continued, “When they was questioning me, whatever I said, I don’t recall what I said. When they ask me questions, whatever I thought I wanted to say, that’s what I said. I can’t say from when to when, but so much was going on. My name was on everything the police kept coming to grab me. Every time they grab me I had a different story for them. I know 100 percent facts and I’m telling you know, I was not truthful. I was saying whatever they wanted me to say. I was saying whatever I could come up with. I was trying my best to convince them that I didn’t do nothing, that I’m an innocent person, and that people put their hands on me.”

In the viral police interrogation which lasted 41 minutes, Woddy offers to tell the cops on alleged perpetrators of the RICO crimes…but now Woddy says it was all a lie and that he was not being truthful at all.

“When they was questioning me, 2015-14, whenever they was questioning me, I was lying,” he later added. “I was making up stories. So when they were asking me about this right here, I was making it up. … Every time they got me, I have told them police, ‘I’ll tell y’all whatever y’all want to hear, just let me go.’”

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