Lana Del Rey Screams At Paparazzi And Sends Message To Future Photographers To Leave Her Alone


  • Celebrities like Lana Del Rey deserve respect and privacy, even when they are out in public.
  • Lana Del Rey’s reaction to being followed is a reminder to respect personal boundaries.
  • Fans have shown support for Lana Del Rey after she experienced harassment and invasion of privacy.

Celebrities may have chosen to live their lives in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean they want to be followed around by paparazzi or fans and have a camera shoved into their face. Lana Del Rey recently lost her cool with a group of people who took things too far, and she ended up reprimanding them for hounding her in Paris, France.


Lana Del Rey Blasts Her Ex-Tour Manager After He Almost Ruined Her Coachella Performance

The singer claims her tour manager quit without warning a month before the show, leading to a near-disastrous situation.

According to Page Six, the singer can be seen walking in the streets when someone tries to film her on their phone. She reportedly responds by saying, “Don’t,” and tries to take the phone away. Footage of another encounter emerged online, in which the musician got extremely upset with a group of fans. “You followed me with my family! … Get away from me!” she can be heard saying.

Lana Del Rey Reacts To Being Followed By Fans

Lana Del Rey poses at the Met Gala
Via Instar

What some people fail to remember is that celebrities are still people, and they do not want to be followed or harassed. Lana Del Rey’s reaction is perhaps an important reminder to give people space and respect their personal boundaries. Later in the footage of the singer, Page Six notes, she can be heard telling the crowd, “Oh, you really think this is uncalled for? Don’t follow me! Don’t follow me!” She then reacts again, saying, “I am upset. Don’t let them follow me.”

The video appears to have been removed from social media, but according to Page Six, Del Rey shared more about why she was upset at being followed. “I only have one day here. I work every single day. I have four hours to myself,” she said. She reportedly also told a fan to “Shut up!”

Del Rey has responded to the pictures taken of her, which were shared on the Instagram account lifeisdarkparadise. “Yesterday (June 6th), Lana Del Rey was spotted with her dear friends out and about in Paris! The French capital is definitely her favorite City,” the caption reads. The singer responded to the pictures and referred to the people allegedly harassing her as “stalkers.” She added, “These a**holes actually told me that they were going to alter the pictures to make me look bad after we got into a fight.”

Fans have reacted to the post and the altercation between Lana Del Rey and the people who harassed her. “You would look pretty anyway, they are the ones missing out!,” a fan wrote in response to the claims the photos would be edited. “Such losers. You still look awesome and bad***,” another fan wrote. Other comments on the post include, “Omg i‘m so sorry darling, but we will ALWAYS defend you with our lifes if they ever do any harm to you i am actually shaking rn,” and “I’ll throw hands fr.”

Lana Del Rey Thanks Fans After Her Concert

Lana Del Rey poses on the red carpet
Via Instar

Lana Del Rey has been active on Instagram, but she did not mention her trip to Paris. Instead, she thanked some of her other European fans as she posted pictures from her recent performance.


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“Milano. Portugal. Barcelona,” she captioned the post. “We got to play for over 200,000 people this week. Thank you to my epic band and crew. We had the best time still singing along w ya. U were electric as always would expect nothing less.”