Lady Cations Lagosian As ‘Fake’ Davido Wedding Invitation Cards Is Being Sold At Different Parts Of Lagos

A Nigerian woman has expressed concerns over the emergence of fraudulent wedding invitation cards purportedly belonging to Davido and Chioma.

According to a viral TikTok video tweeted by @9jagossip, fake wedding cards are being sold in sections of Lagos, including Yaba, for prices ranging from N50,000 to N100,000.

The worried woman, whose name is unknown, voiced her dismay at the fraudulent scam and warned future purchasers to be cautious.

She asked the public to check the legitimacy of any wedding invitations they want to buy to avoid falling victim to the fraud.

“They are selling fake Davido and Chioma wedding invitation. Fake wedding invitation they are selling it around Lagos. Abeg o make una know where una dey buy una wedding invitation,” she said in the video.

Reacting to the post:

@prettynjung added: “If I pay dat money. I go go bring am back for dey come see me packing money on the ground na.”

@Betty108 said: “He is not selling invitation it’s the clothes and other things in the bag including invitation card.”

@GT Billions added: “With my 1k subscription I go see everything when happened for the wedding.”

Madụka Anyika said: “Wait oo!!! People are paying for a wedding invitation?”

@jenniferblack stated: “I talk am I said it I con surprise say how Davido go send brother mike invitation.”

@direlle_ damsel said: “So real warripikin no gree gobthe wedding bc she no wan waste her 5mili. She say she get show wey dey na 4 Friday sef.”

@Adeola ijebu stated: “I talk am say some of the celebrities dey buy am dey con dey shout davido invite dem.”

@patty03 said: “Wait oh so person like davido go come Dey sell invitation for him wedding say na concerts. Make wuna say Wetin una know.”

@Ganiyat Akinsola said: “Wait oooo. Sheybi una say una no get money. Where una dey see 50k take buy wedding IV? like I no get.”

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