Kim Kardashian Spends A Fortune On Norths 11th Birthday To Take Private Jet To New York


  • Kim Kardashian spared no expense for North’s 11th birthday, flying her and friends to New York for luxurious celebrations.
  • Kim and North enjoyed chicken tenders, hot chocolate, and ice cream sundaes at a posh spot in New York.
  • Despite backlash for using her private jet excessively in the past, Kim is determined to make North’s birthday special.

Kim Kardashian pulled out all the stops for her daughter North’s 11th birthday, bringing out the private jet to take the pre-teen to New York for a brief but luxurious trip to celebrate her name day.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian, 43, along with her daughter North and ten of North’s closest friends, boarded the reality star’s multi-million dollar private jet and set off for the East Coast, the U.S. Sun notes.



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Kim Flew North’s Friends To New York For Her B-Day

Kim Kardashian and North West hang outside restaurant
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The group dined at the popular celebrity spot Serendipity3 on the Upper East Side that same day. Insiders revealed that they indulged in chicken tenders, hot chocolate, and ice cream sundaes. Additionally, North, Kim, and her friends were spotted wearing matching plaid pajamas emblazoned with “I Heart NW,” a playful nod to the famous “I Heart NY” logo.

According to sources, North posed for pictures wearing a birthday tiara and blowing out candles. The mini party happened a few days before North’s actual birthday, on June 15. It’s still uncertain if the group plans to celebrate North’s actual birthday in New York, or if there are other plans.

Kim Has Been Criticized For Abusing Her Private Jet

Kim Kardashian
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Kim’s choice of birthday celebrate for North is interesting, and not only because of the small fortune it likely cot to operate the jet and treat North and her guests to a lavish day in New York. It’s also raising eyebrows considering Kim has been criticized for using her jet for unnecessary reasons before, taking a huge toll on the environment with the carbon emissions.

Just last month, resurfaced footage showed Kim admitting she once took a trip on a jet from the U.S. to Paris, France, simply so she could satisfy a pregnancy craving with cake from one of her favorite places. The footage is over a decade old, as Kim was pregnant with North at the time, but it didn’t stop fans for criticizing how privileged the ordeal was.



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“I get there, and they tell me they didn’t have it. And I was like, ‘You don’t understand! I leave tomorrow!’” Kim explained, adding the hotel eventually were able to accommodate her and get her beloved cake. “I think I flew for one night… And they said ‘OK, we’re going to get it! And they got it and it really made my day.”

This revelation recently resurfaced online, sparking widespread criticism on the social media platform X. One critic wrote, “Kim Kardashian is one person. She’s a spoiled pseudo celebrity.”

Another user highlighted the absurdity of the situation: “Kim Kardashian flew all the way from LA to Paris just because she wanted to eat a particular cheesecake and then flew back home, and here I am drinking from paper straws to save the world.”

Kim isn’t the only member of her family facing backlash for controversial and environmentally unfriendly choices regarding private jet use. Her sister Kylie Jenner also received criticism for taking a 17-minute flight on her private jet, a journey that could have been completed in 40 minutes by car.

These instances emphasize the significant carbon footprint of private jet travel, drawing public ire amid increasing concerns about global warming and environmental sustainability. But apparently Kim wasn’t going to let the environment stop her from giving North the birthday of her dreams.