Kenya Moore Wont Be Returning To Real Housewives After Her Very Inappropriate Actions


  • Kenya Moore has reportedly been suspended from Real Housewives of Atlanta due to her actions at her hair spa grand opening.
  • Moore allegedly shared explicit images of newcomer Brittany Eady, causing drama and speculation among fans and cast members.
  • Despite the suspension, Moore remains defiant and claims she will still be seen again, sparking mixed reactions from fans.

What would The Real Housewives of Atlanta be like without Kenya Moore? Fans likely did not think they would have the answer to this question so soon, but a recent report claims that Moore’s actions involving newcomer Brittany Eady have jeopardized her future with the show. According to Page Six, Moore has been “suspended indefinitely,” resulting from her actions at her Kenya Moore Hair Spa grand opening earlier this month (where the cast was gathered).


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It was meant to be a grand opening, and the cameras for the reality show were filming, so why did Moore allegedly decide to share explicit images of Eady? What was the purpose? What her alleged actions have done, though, is added to the drama surrounding the show.

Why Did Kenya Moore Share Images Of Brittany Eady?

Kenya Moore walks to attend an event
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Kenya Moore’s decision to allegedly share explicit images of Brittany Eady was a confusing move, but according to Page Six, Eady was not there at the time. “At no time was Kenya ever threatened with a weapon, nor was there ever a weapon present during the course of production,” a production source told the publication. A second source does claim that before the event, “Eady made threats to Moore using the word ‘gun.'”

But what about the photos? According to the source, the photos of Eady, which appear to show her engaged in an intimate act, are available online (seemingly suggesting how Moore may have got them in the first place). It is also claimed that an investigation is taking place. But what does Moore feel about no longer being a part of the show?

Kenya Moore Reacts To Not Being Part Of Real Housewives

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Despite the reports that Kenya Moore has been suspended indefinitely, she remains in fighting spirits. “You will be seeing me,” she said during an Instagram Live (via Entertainment Weekly). “I’m not going anywhere despite all this stuff.”

This is not the first time she has reacted, either. After the news first broke about the incident involving Moore and the alleged posters of Eady, she made a statement on X (formerly Twitter). “I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail,” she wrote. “I have always been vindicated. I can’t talk about STORY even with people planting fake news #sweet16.”



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Fans have reacted to Moore’s suspension with comments on one of her recent Instagram photos. “Yah Kenya you got suspended!! You done!!! I know an Embarrassed Aquarian when I see it,” a comment reads. “Too bad you can’t mind your own business!,” another comment states.

“Man you really ruined this franchise,” an angry Real Housewives fan wrote. “Sigh Kenya what were u thinking? I can’t believe what I’m reading I hope it isn’t true,” another wrote. Others disagree that this is the last fans will be seeing of Moore, with comments including, “Kenya will be back.”

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