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Kendrick Perkins SLAMS LeBron James for making Kyrie Irving’s moment all about himself

Kendrick Perkins does not hold back when he has to talk about something. However, it is no secret that LeBron James is his friend. Perkins has often supported his friend on matters where others have gone on the attack. But this time, with regards to Kyrie Irving, he did not hold back in calling out his friend.

NBA Today hosted by ESPN was live from TD Garden before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. In the pre-game show, host Malika Andrews was talking about Kyrie Irving and what he said about his return to TD Garden. To this the former Celtics champion couldn’t help himself giving his hot take.

Here we go again. Bron weaseling his way into somebody else’s moment, let somebody else enjoy it. This is not about you. Your team is at home. This is about the Mavs. And the Celtics and yet you’re so mad and disappointed that you’re not Kyrie Irving’s running mate anymore. Here we go again.

Kendrick Perkins said

Kendrick Perkins preferred if his friend allowed Irving to have his own moment. Instead, James talking about his loss in the grand scheme of things was a move that Perkins felt, shifted the spotlight on to himself.

When Kyrie Irving’s road to redemption was brought up in the Mind the Game podcast, LeBron James had nothing but great words to say about what Irving has been able to do over the past few years. But then he mentioned that the two of them have accomplished great things in the past.

More importantly, he is mad that they could not be teammates. Perkins was referring to this point. He would have preferred if LeBron James let this part out of the topic.

Kyrie Irving about to start his redemption tour

The Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics will face off in the NBA Finals starting with Game 1 today. For Kyrie Irving, it is life coming full circle. As he left LeBron James to be the leader of his own team with the Celtics. Several years of disappointments later, the superstar is now back in the NBA Finals.

He knows that going into TD Garden, there will be a lot of fans who still harbor strong feelings against him. It is also extremely likely that he will be the target of those fans. However, if he and his Mavericks team can pull off wins, the whole narrative will change.

Winning an NBA title against the same team that made you want to leave is a story for the ages. Kyrie Irving can complete his redemption tour by playing great basketball and lead the Mavericks to a famous win.

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