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“Karma is undefeated,” Jake Paul throws shade at UFC after Mike Tyson fight postponement

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson‘s fight was one of the highly anticipated fights that fans have been waiting for. Similarly, the return of Conor McGregor to the octagon against Michael Chandler was also a fight of similar magnitude. Subsequently, both fights have faced hurdles, creating disappointment among fans.

When the Paul vs. Tyson fight was announced, it was met with a lot of criticism. This is because of the massive age gap and because Tyson is a highly respected fighter. Hence, people expressed their apprehension about the fight and highlighted how Paul only fights retired boxers. As such, when the fight got canceled, several people celebrated it. However, Paul appears to have had the last laugh in this situation. 

Heard they were celebrating the rescheduling of Paul Tyson….karma is undefeated 

Jake Paul via X

Recently, the UFC 303 press conference between McGregor and Chandler was called off at the last moment. This created fear about the fight never materializing. However, Paul appears to be quite happy and believes this is karma. 

Dana White and McGregor had several comments about Tyson vs. Paul and attempted to downgrade it. White highlighted how the fight doesn’t make sense, while McGregor had mentioned that he wouldn’t watch it. Hence, after the UFC 303 press conference was canceled, Paul was happy because they appeared to be in the same boat. 

Jake Paul reacts to UFC 303 press conference

White had planned to travel to Dublin for the press conference on June 3rd. Subsequently, a sudden announcement from the UFC revealed that the press conference had been called off. The organization did not provide any additional details about why this change was made. Surprisingly, amid these changes, Jake Paul released a mysterious tweet.

Jake Paul (image credit- The Sun)

The tweet indicated that he had more information about the situation than the majority of people. Paul also remarked how people have been asking him about it, but he wishes to refrain from revealing the details. As such, he expressed that he doesn’t want to receive criticism for speaking about it. 

Although some individuals might believe that Paul possesses confidential knowledge, however, the truth is that he’s merely provoking White for his recent remarks. During a press conference, White chose not to discuss the delayed Paul vs. Mike Tyson bout, despite asserting that he was aware of the actual situation.

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