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Kai Cenat Refuses to Engage with BruceDropEmOff’s Apology, Criticizes Fans for Over-Involvement

Twitch sensation Kai Cenat recently made headlines by declining to watch an apology from controversial internet figure Bruce “BruceDropEmOff” during a livestream. This decision comes after a tumultuous period last year when BruceDropEmOff’s alleged private messages were leaked on X (formerly known as Twitter), revealing disparaging comments about Cenat’s short film, Global Pursuit.

In the leaked messages, BruceDropEmOff reportedly mocked Cenat’s foray into acting with the following remark:

“Now ns want to go into acting like ain’t been acting. IDC (I don’t care), Cailou, on god, I’m not watching that st. Man, though (laughing emoji). Yachty a ft, too. He called me when they dropped it to ask me to be on it. Friday.”

Fast forward to June 6, 2024, during a live broadcast, Kai Cenat stumbled upon BruceDropEmOff’s apology while browsing his subreddit. Despite the buzz, Cenat opted not to engage, expressing his disinterest and confusion:

“‘Bruce apologizes to Kai and admits his fault in his Twitch return. Also gives him soccer advice.’ Hey bro, that’s cool, bro. That’s cool. What has that got to do… why would I, like… bro, y’all…”

Cenat, a two-time Streamer of the Year award recipient, seized the moment to address his fans directly. He chastised them for being overly invested in his relationship with BruceDropEmOff, a stance he found excessive:

“Let me say this, all right? Chat, this is what I’ve been talking about. I don’t talk about certain situations because, in my real life, I’ve went through it and I’ve made the smart decision on making my circle the way it’s supposed to be. You guys are too invested and it’s crazy! It’s so bad! It’s actually bad, I’m not going to lie, bro. You feel what I’m saying?”

Cenat pleaded with his audience to shift their focus, emphasizing the importance of moving forward:

“We got to work this year! We got so much that we’ve got to do! Can we please just stop? Like, it’s so bad, bro! It’s like… it’s forced. It’s actually forced. I haven’t spoken on the situation since I spoke on the situation. Let that sink in. Like, it’s bad! I don’t force anything, bro!”

Meanwhile, BruceDropEmOff, during a Twitch stream on June 3, 2024, expressed his affection for several fellow streamers, including Duke Dennis and Kai Cenat. His remarks were conciliatory, indicating a desire to mend fences:

“…Duke, love Duke. It’s love to Kai. It’s love to Rage (FaZe Clan member Josh “YourRAGE”). It’s love to everybody.”

He extended his respect to various personalities, including Matthew “Mizkif”:

“Yeah, respect to everybody. It’s love to everybody. Love to fking OTK. Love to Kick. Love to st. Even Mizkif, bro. Even f**king Mizkif! I’ve just been thinking about… when I take a break, y’all, I think about everything that happened. You feel me? That’s when I take time and think… you know?”

Despite BruceDropEmOff’s apology and attempts to mend fences, Kai Cenat’s refusal to engage with the apology video underscores his desire to move forward and focus on his work without being bogged down by past controversies. Cenat’s call for his fans to stop being overly invested in the situation highlights his commitment to maintaining a positive and productive environment for his content creation.


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