Kai Cenat Defends Tyla’s Team For Telling Charlamagne Not To Ask About Him

Kai Cenat is speaking out to defend Tyla’s team after Charlamagne Tha God revealed that they gave him a list of questions not to ask her, including her appearance on Kai Cenat’s stream.

“All I was doing was trying to give her an opportunity to clear it up because they said that’s been a thing for her,” Charlamagne said on his Brilliant Idiots podcast. “Now here’s the thing about the label…Labels always will come and say ‘hey can you not ask this, can you not ask that.”

He continued, “Sometimes depending what it is like if it’s something like really personal, I’ll be like ‘sure I oblige.’ For this one, I said ‘no.’ The reason I said no, they had six things they didn’t want us to ask.”

During the livestream, Kai tried to shoot his shot at Tyla but she told him they were “friends.” Kevin Hart later appeared on the stream and clowned Kai for getting friendzoned.

Kai weighed in during his broadcast.

“I don’t blame her team for not wanting to ask about me,” he shared. “I don’t blame her team for that … You know what it is, I don’t think people understand the full streaming culture. It’s a big ass audience. It’s too big.”

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